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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Lara tono, Dec 2, 2020.

  1. Lara tono

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    Hello everyone
    i was Searching google for a tool that Can downloads from Nteflix and then i came across this Program
    i have some Questions
    1-what is difference between AnyStream and other tools Like Flixgrab+ and Tunepat ?
    2-i will be Installing it on my main gaming PC which is also connected to my Plex Server
    can i be sure it is completely safe and free of any Malware ?
    3-can i choose which audio to download other than english ?
    4-does the downloaded file is 100% free of any drm protection ? because i heared that netflix is using widevine drm which is impossible to crack ?
  2. DrXenos

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    1. AnySteam does a real download from a server, not a stream capture/screen recorder.
    2. Yes, it is safe.
    3. If it is available.
    4. Yes.
  3. Ch3vr0n

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    1. AnyStream is a direct downloader. It grabs the streams directly from the provider CDN networks. For example, with my internet connection, i can grab a 45m show (when anystream is configured for maximum speed) in under 4minutes usually (often less than 3). Stuff like flixgrab are screen RECORDERS, meaning it takes them as long to download a show as it does to ACTUALLY WATCH IT. They also recode the audio/video streams. Anystream doesn't do that. It grabs the streams AS IS, and puts them in an mp4 container. That's it.
    2. All redfox products always are, Anystream is no different.
    3. Yes
    4. Yes, the drm you're talking to is L1. How anystream handles widevide is proprietary technical information and cannot be disclosed. What can be said is that the downloads are fully decrypted and playable through plex/vlc or whatever floats your boat :)
  4. DrXenos

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    I really want to do that, but every time I go to change the setting, I chicken out. You never had an issue, I take it?
  5. Ch3vr0n

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    None, running full speed since the beginning of closed beta.

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  6. Mollenoh

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    In principle I agree with you.

    But some (not all) screen recorders can actually "download" shows faster than it takes to watch them. It depends on the power of your CPU, and the quality setting. With a powerful CPU or low resolution, you may be able to re-encode a video much faster than it takes to watch it. Conversely, with a weak CPU and high resolution, the "downloads" may take much longer than watching.

    Some screen recorders will run at a fixed (watching) speed no matter what, so they will typically lose or duplicate frames when things get out of sync. I wouldn't want to use a program like that.
  7. Xander

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    Some of the other tools work pretty well, using them for years, but quality wise (and speed if using unlimited) there is nothing ells commercial like AS.
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