A BIG Thanks to SlySoft!!!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by pyro1711, Nov 6, 2007.

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    Thanks to everyone who has put effort into making these programs to allow us to back up our original DVD's, even though the "industry" doesnt like them. I back up EVERY DVD that I purchase and keep the original DVD's in my basement in a locked closet. This weekend my house was broken into and they took my DVD player along with ALL OF MY COPIES, they evidently didnt have too much time to search because there were only a few other items taken. Because of SlySoft and having the ability to copy my originals, I am not out THOUSANDS of dollars in replacement of my DVD collection! Especially since I just spent almost $275.00 on all 3 seasons of Deadwood. I am SO glad I make copies of everything.

    Thanks for making a couple of GREAT programs!!
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    I totally agree! Sorry to hear about your misfortune! [​IMG]
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    Now that is a good story for honest backing up your DVDs! Thank you for the share :).