99 Titles problem with Mockingjay Part-1

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  1. flowerGirl

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    Hi, I just updated to the newest version of AnyDVD, hoping it would solve my problem with Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1. But I still get 99 titles showing up, in Windows Explorer.

    Normally, with most DVDs, I see about 7 GBytes worth of files, and I copy them straight to my hard drive. But in this case, I see about 94 GBytes of files.

    What do I do next?

    (I am attaching AnyDVD log.)


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  2. flowerGirl

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    P.S. I am not sure it is actually the "99 titles" problem. I just get an enormous amount of VOB files, adding up to about 94 GBytes.
  3. Ch3vr0n

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    Nothing unusual, that disc is structurally protected, any time the anydvd status window reports 'structural protection' you need to use the built-in anydvd ripper to remove the bogus (duplicate) titles and end up with the real structure.

    Right click the fox tray icon and select 'rip video DVD to hard disk'. That will solve your problem.

    That said, that's not a logfile, that's a copy/paste of the status window info. To provide a logfile you need to follow sticky instructions.

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  4. flowerGirl

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    Thanks, that worked just great!

    I now have about 7 GBytes on my hard drive, and the movie plays just fine. Thanks again!
  5. Clams

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    Under Anydvd go to: Settings > Program Settings.
    Check the box "show information window for new media"
    Anytime you insert a disk and the pop-up window says: "Found and removed structural copy protection(s)" STOP.
    And first rip that puppy to hard Disk per Ch3vron's instructions - then proceed.