90 minute movie too long for CloneDVD?

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    I tried to backup a DVD, Tom Dowd & The Language Of Music, which is 1 Hr, 29 mins.

    In the CloneDVD list, item #1 appears to be the entire movie (1:29). I presume the other items in the list are the individual chapters.

    If I select ALL items, I have almost 3 hours and cannot copy without compressing. But if I select item #1 only, or the individual chapters only (everything except item #1), all I get is the main menu and the bonus features.

    Since I am certain the entire movie is under 90 minutes, what am I doing wrong? Thanks!
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    This is easy

    If you check 1 only you will have the movie all of it. The extras are the rest of them. If you look at the CloneDVD screen that you will see the boxes that you arechecking you will see the chapters on each line also. You may want to read this for help.

    You first must select the Path to the Folder that the DVD VOB (movie) files are stored in, usually VIDEO_TS especially if still on the original DVD, this is done from the dropdown box or using the Browse button, or by typing the path if you know it.

    In the above image you can see there are thirteen available Movie Streams, Clone will select the largest for you, but if you have any doubt you can highlight each stream individually and click on the preview tab, this will let you view the content, however be aware that sometimes the directors commentary stream will be the longest.

    Additional Note 08-02-2004: you must right click the preview window and select a playing speed to see the preview.
    There is also a Compress-O-Meter (above the Back, Next Buttons) with a colour band ranging from Red through Yellow to Green, this shows graphically how much compression is being applied to the DVD to make it fit on the DVD-+R/RW, with Red being the worst Quality and Green being the best, it is more likely you will start to notice a difference in Quality once you get into the Red zone, in the above image you can see that no Compression is being applied to the Movie backup, meaning excellent quality.

    Additional Note 08-02-2004: There is now a dropdown menu available next to the Compress-O-Meter, you can see it in the image above, it will allow you to select a custom size to fit the movie into, this can be particularly useful if your DVD player has a problem with the movie when the DVD is full, to activate this menu simply place your mouse over the word DVD-5, once you select custom you will see the layout change to the following and can select the output size you require.

    Additional Note 20-07-2003: (Beware Planet of the apes)
    CloneDVD always picks the largest series of VOBs (most chapters / longest time) for the main movie, on Planet of the Apes (EAN 5 039036 008167 2 disc special edition) there are two large movie streams, unfortunately the largest (by 14 seconds and numbered track 02) is the directors comments overlay of the movie, which you really do not want to back-up, so keep your eyes open for this happening on other movies!

    Note: Preserve Menus top right is unchecked; this removes all the menus, which you have no need for when burning only the Movie to disc,

    good luck
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    Thanks, but....

    I understand what you're saying but the problem with this particular DVD is that the the items listed after the main item (#1 = 1 Hour, 29 Minutes) also add up to exactly 1 Hour, 29 minutes (total: 2 Hours, 58 Minutes).

    The actual length of the extra features is about 8 minutes. So the total length of everything on the disc is 1 Hour, 37 Minutes. That's the grand total with menus, main program and extras. But if I tell CloneDVD to clone everything it adds the main program + the chapters of the main program + the 8 minutes of extras.

    Selecting item #1 (the main program) only, makes a disc with just menus and extras. You can see the entire disc is burned but only the 8 minutes of extras are viewable. Skipping item #1--and selecting all the chapters produces the same result. Splitting over 2 discs didn't work either, although I suspect compressing the whole thing (55%) probably would have worked.

    Thanks anyway, its no big deal. I've never run into this with any other DVD.

    BTW, is there a way to copy chapters from different DVDs, save them to your hard drive and make a compilation disc? Or is this just asking for trouble? Thanks again!
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    First of all, just to clear things up the correct terminology will make people understand what you are saying better. You cannot select individual Chapters from the main menu when you import the DVD. What you see listed separately are Titles.

    Now, you cannot always trust the actual length of titles that are displayed. One thing that has become more prevalent is bogus titles being placed on DVDs. As an example The Simpsons had a second bogus title that was actually supposedly longer in length than the actual title that contained the movie. If you selected or deselected the bogus title the quality didn't change.

    Now, having said that I have recently found that some older movies result in some results that at first confused me. If I only selected the movie that was maybe 1:30:00 in length there is quite a bit of compression as you noted. Newer movies I haven't noticed any issue with. It may be an issue of the bitrate but I really can't say and, honestly, I didn't pay much attention. I didn't compress them to SL DVD using CloneDVD. You also have to take into account the format of the audio and how many audio streams are on the disc. Audio can take up quite a bit of space and a lot of streams can add up along with the audio format.

    Make sure you are using AnyDVD and CloneDVD

    No, you cannot selectively take parts of different DVDs and then compile them onto a new DVD using Slysoft or Elaborate Bytes software. You can rip and burn but not make a new compilation. For that programs like Nero Vision can be useful. There are others as well. Check out the Third Party Products forum for information on making a compilation.
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    Buy a Re-writable DVD ,Verbatim is a good one, and you can try all sorts of combinations till you well understand what each action does. I've got 4 that I've written to thousands of times and they still work well. They just burn a bit slow and you have to erase them...quick erase works fine.
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    Thanks, everybody! Very helpful--especially the idea of using RWs to do tests. I'm new to all of this; in the past I simply played the source DVD in my "VCR friendly" DVD player and ran the output into my DVD recorder. Crude, but foolproof.

    But the ability to make exact backups, and in just a few minutes, is great.

    Many thanks!