9-1-1: The Complete Season One DVD Disc 1 oddity

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    About the R1 DVD release of 9-1-1: The Complete Season One's Disc 1 of 3. Discs 2 and 3 return that there is structural copy protection on them, but Disc 1 does not return any structural copy protection. It seems odd that 2 of 3 discs would be protected but not one of them, and definitely not protecting the first while doing the other 2 seems off.

    I attached LOG files if that is necessary.

    Nothing seems out of the ordinary about the extracted files that I tested.


    EDIT: Forgot to mention I'm using AnyDVD HD

    EDIT 2: Never mind. Disc 1 is most likely physically bad. It reads in PC but doesn't play on one DVD player at all. Just causes the device to groan and attempt to constantly load the disc. My PS3 will eventually play it but it only starts after a minute of groaning, too. So, the problem is a bad disc.

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    Here's the odd thing. Despite apparently not finding the protection, the files that AnyDVD extracted were fully playable. I fully tested watching them and there was no problem. I would have thought if AnyDVD didn't actually find the protection there, it wouldn't have removed it.

    Anyway, this really was an interesting exception.
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