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    Just installed the latest AnyDVD version ( The change log indicated that this version can “handle Dolby Vision playlists”. Could someone explain to me exactly what this refers to? Does this mean that ripped Dolby Vision m2ts movie files can now play back in Dolby Vision instead of HDR10?
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    I don't think so, in early beta's there was an issue where discs that used DV I believe had some kind of sync issue (not sure). That note addresses that and discs using DV will now rip and play correctly

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    The Dolby Vision playlists change appeared around AnyDVD beta or beta. Originally the issue was reported by a CloneBD user having playlist recognition issues. Turned out the issue wasn't with CloneBD at all. The problem was traced to AnyDVD. Dolby Vision playlists on UHD are different enough from standard non-Dolby Vision to cause issues before the fix.
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    Prior versions of AnyDVD would sometimes (not always and depending on the settings) mess up the playlist files of DolbyVision tracks and make them unreadable.
    So if you don't have copies that simply don't work at all, you have nothing to worry about.
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    Please stop posting the same thing across multiple different topic. This has nothing to do with any RedFox/elby product at all. None of them convert .TS files to m2ts.

    Subsequent posts will be deleted on sight.

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