7.1 sound possible with ReClock?

Discussion in 'ReClock' started by H.Mulot, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. H.Mulot

    H.Mulot Well-Known Member

    I don't get it to get 7.1 sound via ReClock. There is always 5.1.
    Also when I just let the sound passthrough and don't use ReClock for PAL speedown.
    Wasabi is selected.
    Does anybody know a setting, to get that?

    With PDVD 15 HDMI is selected. Showing ”passthrough" in ReClock a 7.1 source is shown in my AVR as 5.1.
    Do I select 8 speakers the following nötige occurs

    «The Audio Format is not supported by the hardware/driver:
    48.000 samples/sec
    24 Bit PCM
    8 channels»

    I'm looking forward to your answers
  2. el Filou

    el Filou Well-Known Member

    There is no problem with getting 7.1 sound with ReClock.

    What is your HDMI device? Are the drivers up to date? Do you get 7.1 sound if you disable ReClock (or if you test with Media Player Classic when choosing another Audio Renderer)?
    Have you tried the setting "24 bit padded to 32" instead of 24 bit?
  3. H.Mulot

    H.Mulot Well-Known Member

    thank you for your answer.
    My graphic card is AMD Radeon R5 200. i get 7.1 sound when ReClock ist disabled.
    And I figured out, it also works, when I don't select wasabi but the recommended settings. But then my AVR doesn't show DD or DTS but "7.1 Multi Channel sound"
    And passthrough via HDMI for Blu-rays with the correct speed and sound e.g. doesn't work

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  4. hadar

    hadar Well-Known Member

    Yes, please don't use wasabi for ReClock, maybe for sushi or so.
  5. H.Mulot

    H.Mulot Well-Known Member

    The spelling was just a little joke ;o)

    Is there a chance to get 7.1 as passthrough with reclock?

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  6. el Filou

    el Filou Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure I understand your config. :unsure:

    Could you please post screenshots of the Audio settings tab of your ReClock config in the following cases:
    - when you get "Multi Channel 7.1" on your AVR
    - when you get 5.1 on your AVR

    Normally all you need to use bitstream passthrough with ReClock is to check "Accept bitstream formats" and to enable the Formats in your audio decoder.
    However you cannot use bitstream passthrough and PAL speeddown at the same time.
  7. H.Mulot

    H.Mulot Well-Known Member

    Sorry, it's a little difficult for me to explain this in English. I'll try again.

    I'm aware that bitstream passthrough is not possible with PAL speeddown.

    Playing a movie (e.g. Jason Bourne) with 7.1 sound works when ReClock is disabled. The AVR shows the source and the output signal correctly as "DTS HD 7.1". In PowerDVD HDMI is selected.

    Playing the same movie with ReClock checked "Accept bitstream formats" and WASAPI, PowerDVD in HDMI, ReClock shows 8 channel bitstream passthrough, but the AVR shows: Input 5.1. I only can choose "PCM to bitstream" in PDVD (-> AVR shows: 2.0) or DD/DTS (-> AVR shows as mentioned above).

    When I choose the default setting and not WASAPI, the bitstream passthrough seems posible, but my AVR shows not" DTS HD 7.1" anymore, but "7.1 Multi Channel sound".
    Is this the original DTS HD sound anyway?

    Unfortunately I can't take screenshots at this time, because my HTPC doesn't boot anymore. (Trouble with PDVD and acronis didn't load a former image - but that's another story.
  8. el Filou

    el Filou Well-Known Member

    OK I get what you mean now. That is strange indeed.
    Unfortunately I don't own a recent version of PowerDVD and I don't want to install any version of that software ever again :Dso I can't help you with that, plus my current graphics card can only output LPCM and non-HD Dolby/DTS, so I can't try to simulate your setup either. I need to install my new GeForce 1050 Ti but time is severly lacking. :(

    "PCM to bitstream" sounds to me like PowerDVD would be decoding the audio track to LPCM and then re-encoding it to Dolby or DTS to output it, which is not something you'd want, but again I haven't used that software in a long time so I don't know for sure.

    "7.1 Multichannel sound" is probably multichannel LPCM and it means PowerDVD is decoding the audio and outputting the result. If your software playback chain is setup correctly (but I can't say if PowerDVD is good for that) and your AVR is well designed, it should result in the same quality as Dolby/DTS bitstream passthrough, plus it gives you full flexibility to use ReClock's magic.
    I understand you'd want to get Dolby HD and DTS HD bitstream to work, though... Could you possibly try with a player other than PowerDVD just for a test? If you try MPC-HC for example and enable all the Bitstreaming Formats in the integrated LAV Audio Decoder, does 7.1 bitstreaming work then?
  9. H.Mulot

    H.Mulot Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much for your explanations.
    My PC is now back from repair and after installing all the software again, everything seems to work fine.
    My soundcard caused trouble, so it was deinstalled. After that I can't select the speakers any more. First I was shocked, because I need ReClock for PAL-Speeddown to get the correct sound. But fortunately this also works with "HDMI" and "PCM by PowerDVD" checked.

    I didn't check the output signal of my AVR after getting the PC back, but will do this soon. I was just wondering why it said "7.1 Multichannel sound" using ReClock - and if this sound could be worse in quality than the original. But to be honest - I don't hear the difference between DD and dts (just the dts offers more bass) or between DTS und DTS master Audio HD.
    I just wanted the 7.1 channels to get the correct signal an no new mix like from a stereo source to DD Pro Logic II.

    I will try the MPC-HC. But because I use to play my TV recordings 720p50 as Blu-rays-ISOs I don't know if this is possible with MPC-HC. Do you know more?
  10. H.Mulot

    H.Mulot Well-Known Member

    Update: For nearly 6 hours I'm trying to make the System and ReClock work, but it doesn't as I want to.
    With 5.1-sources everything is nearly fine, although there's is no chance to make the sound bitstream passthrough, but with "HDMI/Not encoded DD/DTS-audio to extern Device". But then the input Signal is 5.1 not 7.1 as the source. " Not encoded high Resolution Audio" is not to select with ReClock. (Picture 1)
    When I select " PCM encoded by PowerDVD" something strange happenes: With 5.1 sources all is fine (picture 2), with 7.1 sources no sound is heard at all till I Check "use DSound resampling" . Then the sound is player. but when I uncheck "Use DSound..." the sound still plays on. I don't get it.
    And when I close and reopen PowerDVD I have to Do it all over again. The setting seems not to be saved.
    The Same happens when I uncheck "Use AC-3 encoding" , but then with 5.1 and 7.1 sound.
    I can't explain, why this all worked on my system before the crash.

    I know it's a Bit confusing and my English is not so good to make my Problem understood easily, but maybe someone has a suggestion...

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  11. H.Mulot

    H.Mulot Well-Known Member

    pic 1 and 2 with the settings for 5.1 and 7.1 sound 1095d3f009b0c7a3015dd1f5d8047292.jpg f8b13ca2800d3323d90e5e869abbb738.jpg
  12. H.Mulot

    H.Mulot Well-Known Member

    Right now it seemed the Problem could be solved by selecting "Format: 24 bit int padded to 32" without checking "16 bit integer for 16 bit sources" .
    But this didn't work with all tries...

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