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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by ttocsmij, May 27, 2007.

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    NOTE: Please spare me the usual "Norton is crap." speeches. Thank you in advance.

    Using Norton Internet Security 2005. Not usually a problem. It keeps itself up-to-date just fine.

    Yesterday, after installing, the "OK to Access the Internet?" dialog window kept popping up. So I manually deleted the AnyDVD entry from the Personal Firewall Program list and then clicked OK (allowing AnyDVD to access the Internet any time). The dialog window stopped popping up so I went about my business.

    Today I noticed that the dialog window was back. So I've manually deleted AnyDVD again and clicked OK on the dialog window. Waiting now to see if the dialog window comes back ...

    In the now-famous words of the governor of California, "All be bach."
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    OK, I won't tell you it is crap, just extremely CPU intensive.

    Just remember that AnyDVD checks for an update every time you turn on your computer (if you have it optioned). So if Norton keeps blocking AnyDVD, it's not an AnyDVD problem.
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    You may have to reconfigure your Norton 2005 programs & allow ANYDVD to come on in.

    I Used to have to re-conifgure my 2005 Norton programs every 10 days or so.
    it used to pop up & ask me would I like to allow this program in or not.
    if you wouldn't give it the ok it would pre-select for you & then block the program completely until you re-conifgure it & gave it the OK. You may want to consider updating to Norton 2007 less problem & headaches.:confused:

    Really The only good thing that Norton 2005 had going for it was you were able to retreive loss items if you accidently deleted them & windows bleach cleaner that would erese your internet sites you look at.

    other then that the protection really suck.
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    Acronis True Image will do that and you don't have all the other garbage to contend with.
  5. Uglyinthemornin'

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    Yes I agree, Acronis is a very good file retreiver.
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    Yadda yadda yadda ...

    and now can we return to the subject at hand.

    This is only the second time in 29 (twenty-nine) versions of AnyDVD that I've encountered ANY problem between it and NIS2005 so let's stop making wild assumptions, please? Thank you.

    The PREVIOUS time, it WAS a Slysoft problem: they changed the name used to register the program so when NIS2005 compared the request from the new AnyDVD installation, it differed from the previous registered name and was -- properly so -- rejected by NIS2005.

    Newbies to the forum, please spare me further rants and raves on how Slysoft NEVER screws up and how Norton is ALWAYS screwed up. Thank you in advance.

    The problem is that I already tried the Slysoft-recommended procedures for correcting this:

    a. remove AnyDVD from NIS2005 program list and let nature take it's course (NIS2005 will ask then you grant AnyDVD total access)

    and if that fails, then:

    b. remove AnyDVD from the NIS2005 program list (if present) and then manually add AnyDVD to the program list using the NIS2005 procedure

    That is what I did just before starting this thread. Then tonight -- what, a week later or so -- I had to log in as the admin again [ You do know you should never use the computer as the admin on a regular basis, right? That's why God invented user accounts. ] and there was the NIS2005 AnyDVD access permission window staring at me.

    So I clicked on OK [to access the Internet] ... and it came up again 4-5 seconds later. So I repeated the process a few times. Then I specifically PICKED the total access option from the NIS2005 drop down list and clicked OK again. It didn't come back.

    So. I'm shutting down the computers and network for a lightening storm coming through [Hey, I've been out of work over a year. That leaves very little cash for UPS' eh!]. We'll see if NIS2005 gets it this time or not.

    Please stand by. Thanks.

    P.S. For the record, NIS2005 has been the best-behaved Norton product I've had since Norton sold out to Symantec. Sometimes in the middle of the night it will hog the resources with a system scan but usually by then I'm too tired to be doing much useful work anyhow so who cares. And sometimes CCAPP goes crazy and hogs 50% of the CPU (well 1 of the 2 CPUs I know) when I've left the admin account logged in while I'm working under other logins (which I know I should not do). But the rest of the time it sits in the background using less than 0.5% of the CPU resources on this 2.80GHZ Pentium D [@mmdavis - yes, less than 0.5% of CPU resources]. I've had more problems with the highly vaunted Adobe Reader for crying' out loud [thank God they came out with 7.09]. As far as protection / losing files, I NEVER have any trouble with these issues. I run this computer 24/7/365 until Windows or a program installation or an impending lightening storm forces a shut-down. I spend anywhere from 8 to 12 HOURS per day surfing and working on the 'net so I'm guessing my exposure is as high as anyone's would be. Sounds like NIS2005 is doing it's job as far as I can tell. No, I don't work there, know anyone there, or have any of their stock. 'nuff said. :cool:
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    I'm not a newbie but I can assuredly agree that AnyDVD is a very stable and reliable software. Norton is "reliable" but it wants to control everything on a PC.
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    When you say [ You do know you should never use the computer as the admin on a regular basis, right? That's why God invented user accounts. ]Does that mean you are alternating between Admin and LUA accounts for security reasons ? if so this can cause serious problems with programs.If I misunderstood, I'm sorry.Also I cannot understand why you are obsessed with NIS2005,It is outdated and problematic.I had it pre-installed on a new computer,it gave me lots of trouble.Try contacting Symantec about your problem,then wait,and wait.zzzzzzzzzz.Why not try other security products,mix and match,rather than ONE security suite.I have Comodo firewall,Nod32 A/V and various Anti spyware progs.Your problem is not with AnyDvd:D
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    @oldjoe: I agree 100%; I have always found AnyDVD, et al, to be very reliable; as I said, the one time there was a problem it was because of a change in the installation process (not the program, per se).

    @dobbo555: Actually I only use the admin account on startup [to see if M$ or SlySoft have any new updates]. The rest of the time we (there are a dozen or so users in this family) use non-admin user accounts. The only problems we encounter include one particular reading program my 5-year-old grandson is fond of (he removes the disc sometimes before closing the game - a situation the programmer didn't plan for so it locks up his login), and after a couple weeks of running, M$ Windows needs to shut down and re-start (perhaps they haven't licked all their memory control problems yet, eh?), and finally ... every month or so, Norton's background executable in the admin account decides it should own one of the two processors (and logging out of that account "fixes" the problem). Be that as it may, properly designed and installed programs have no problems with multiple logins and such. Note that I used the word, "properly". Many programmers were lazy when XP came out and merely polished their graphics routines so the program would look "XP-ish". That was (and still is) a MAJOR error in judgment because the security and user controls were heavily modified from 2000 [and no sane person even uses the word, "security" around 9x products]. For example: Hot Dog Pro 7. An "update" from Hot Dog Pro 5 to be "XP compatible". Not even close. The installation and operation of this once premiere HTML editor was so badly bungled that it has completely dropped from sight. I know because I own both and it was my fav editor. I am still looking for a decent replacement that doesn't cost more than my first car. Also, you don't understand why I prefer to use one integrated, well-known, well-supported, auto-updating program to handle the security tasks instead of a collection of programs from different persons/companies that require manual updating individually. Okay ... that's cool with me. I like K.I.S.S. and writing one check a year. It works for me. You're doing what works for you. Isn't it great to live in a country where one has so many good choices? No wonder the rest of the world wants to come and live here! I am not sure how that works out to be an obsession but I'm only an electrical engineer so I rarely understand all that psychology stuff anyhow. Over the past 35 years I've written software in 9 different languages on mainframes and PCs; and am now learning 2 more PC languages. Computers and software and the Internet and all that ... just tools. No more than that. They're no more perfect than the folks that design them. As I am fond of saying, "Perfection is a goal, not a condition." One final note: I didn't state anywhere above that the problem was with AnyDVD. I only pointed out that AnyDVD and NIS2005 didn't seem to be properly communicating with each other. This whole thread was merely to document a situation and how it was resolved; not to point fingers at any particular product.

    Folks, have a great weekend. Sorry for the excessive verbiage but I try to select my words carefully so one may have to read carefully to fully understand what I am saying (unless, of course I just screwed up :).
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    and speaking of resolution ...

    Apparently NIS2005 and AnyDVD have worked out their differences because today when I started the system (it was off last night while thunderstorms passed through*), NIS2005 was quite happy with AnyDVD accessing the Internet. I even loaded up an CD so AnyDVD would have something to do (and presumably check for updates in the process).

    So, one of the two steps outlined about did the trick. Perhaps it just required a power-down-and-up cycle to take hold.

    I'm just happy that old friends are happy again and we can go on about our business.

    Sorry if I seem heavy-handed sometimes. At my age I am supposed to be grouchy aren't I! Doesn't anyone remember Mr. Wilson?!? :)

    And that wraps up this saga of the adventures of AnyDVD and Norton Internet Security 2005.

    "Y'all be careful out there!"

    *LoL Dept: I happily accept gifts to my PayPal account if anyone would like to donate towards a 1kVA UPS. ;)