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    @SLKabaker sorry you weren't feeling well. Hope things are better now.

    Appreciate your considered advice about the laptop and agree with everything you say.

    As you can see, there was not a lot of response about those laptops, other than Ch3vron saying "not the way to go". So I took that into consideration.

    I changed my tact and decided (and coincidentally you suggest the same thing), to wait a bit and get something that will really do the job instead of rushing and compromising.

    And I have also decided to go the desktop route in terms of a Gaming/Graphics-heavy computer and just get a normal-use laptop to replace the one that's going bad.

    Here are 2 front runner gaming desktops I'm considering:



    Performance-wise I think these will have what I need.

    Price-wise, not so much (lol).

    Hoping as we near year-end their prices may dip a little.

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    Ok, Ch3vron. It took me forever to find this convo we had back in June.

    Basically you were explaining to me how I could add a nVidia GPU to my Desktop, which has internal Intel Graphics that I use for playing UHD.

    You mentioned needing to set some BIOS switches to get it to work but there was a question of whether that would be successful since the Desktop specs insist internal graphics are disabled if a graphics card is added.

    Ultimately I had to abandon the idea anyway because the power supply in the Desktop was inadequate.

    Fast forward to today.

    About to buy a Desktop which already has a 1070 installed.

    I noticed reading its specs that it also has internal Intel Graphics but again it's disabled because of the 1070.

    Was wondering if you think it is feasible to set up such a Desktop to use the internal graphics for display and the 1070 just for CloneBD.

    ... even though this Desktop also says internal graphics disable if a graphics card is present.

    If it's helpful, here's the specs for the new Desktop...


    Just looking for a best guess.


  3. Ch3vr0n

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    That it's disabled is normal, and by default.Whenever a system BIOS detects a dedicated GPU it disables itself because the damn thing is smart enough to know, that the GPU card will do any job the integrated one can do, better and faster.

    As i said in that post of mine you quoted, a dedicated GPU will outperform an integrated one any day of the week all year around. The only reason i had the iGPU enabled was to test a certain scenario (BD3D backups) with bd-rebuilder that involved FRIM hardware encoding (a tool that relies on intel code). A test that failed and i'm now back to using FRIM in software mode.

    Just because you can enable it, doesn't mean you should. In my case it was needed to test certain things. Since that testing failed, i'm no longer using the internal graphics and my dual-monitor setup is entirely maintained by my GTX 1080.
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    Ok, but I should be able to enable Intel Graphics on this computer yet keep the 1070 active, right?

    I want to use the Intel Graphics for display (so PDVD is happy and will play UHDs) and use the 1070 for hardware acceleration in CloneBD.

  5. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    Then it should be active yes, but not just that. The monitor needs to be hooked up to the onboard video too. Just having it enabled isn't enough.

    I can't tell you were to look in the bios as each one is different. Look for something called 'integrated video' or 'igpu' or 'multimonitor'. Set that to enabled, and set primary display to the internal video (usually ipgu) and not PEG.

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    Right. The internal GPU has its own HDMI output(s) and I will connect my monitor and 4k TV to that.

    You told me before that there should be an option in CloneBD for both the Intel Graphics and the 1070. I'll select the 1070 there.


    I just looked up how to get into BIOS on HP computers and it doesn't look that hard.

    I'll know more when I actually get the computer next week.

    Thanks, Ch3vron.

  7. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    You probably won't have to select it. On first boot, don't go into bios yet. That way CLBD will only see the 1070 and preselect it itself upon installation.

    It's not, all it takes is pressing a button. Which one depends on the computer. Some use F2, some use DEL, some use F12,..

    Now what you do once your INSIDE the bios, that's a different ballgame. 1 wrong move and you can screw things up good. oh and just a tip. The 1070 won't be listed as such. Once you find the right setting, you should have 2 options. iGPU and PEG (could be named differently). iGPU is the integrated graphics, PEG is the GPU.
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    The first article I saw explained how to get to something called UEFI through the Windows Settings (Update & Security -> Recovery -> Restart Now, etc). Supposedly it's a more up-to-date version of BIOS control (?).

    But another article said I could just reboot on HP computers and press F10. This is my preference.

    Oh great! Absolutely no pressure! (lol)


    Yeah, I plan on checking out the Desktop "as is" for some time to get a feel for it, customize it, see how the GTX 1070 works.

    Enabling Intel Graphics will come after.

    It's arriving on Monday. Can't wait!

  9. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    That is a valid and working option, this is usefull in case the window to press the hotkey goes by so fast you can't press the key, or you want to go from windows directly into the bios without doing a system reboot or shutdown/restart yourself.[/quote]

    A good one, just note, upon a first boot, it can take the bios upto 90 seconds and multiple reboots to recognise and optimize itself for the detected hardware. Just be patient.
    Meh, if that happens, nothing a bios reset usually won't fix ;)
    Good idea :)
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    Hey Ch3vron!

    It took me longer than I anticipated to get the new Desktop, but am setting it up today.

    You may remember, it's the HP with a GTX 1070 GPU and disabled Intel Graphics.

    I have to say I absolutely LOVE this 1070!

    It processes in CloneBD faster than I ever imagined it would or could.

    It makes movies look incredibly good too.

    After working with it, I really don't want to change the primary display to Intel Graphics, but the lack of ability to play UHD .iso's (and discs) on it is really a problem. So IG it is ....

    Ok, I haven't gone into BIOS yet but checking out the Intel Graphics setup:

    Checked the Device Manager and only see the 1070 listed, but I am guessing that changes when I make the change in BIOS.

    More concerning is there is no Intel Graphics Control Panel pre-installed.

    I downloaded an IG Control Panel app from the Windows store but it complains there are no Intel Graphics drivers on the computer.

    I was just about to download the drivers from the HP site, but checked around on the Net and see some people reported hosing their computers when they had 2 Graphics packages installed!

    Is there a possibility if I download the rest of the components for Intel Graphics, I could break the nVidia setup before activating IG.

    Meaning there is NO Graphics support -- and I have a very expensive, very heavy paper weight?

  11. James

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    You need to enable Intel Graphics in BIOS. You need to select Intel Graphics as the primary display.
    As a result, you will see a video signal on the Intel HDMI port on startup and NO signal on the Nvidia card.
    But the Nvidia card will still be recognized in Windows. Now you buy a HDMI switch, so you can select which HDMI port you want to see.

    Or you simply drop the idea of playing UHD with menus on a PC. ;)
  12. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    First, get rid of that "IG control panel app" from the store. Next, do as James' said. Go into your bios, enable "multi monitor mode" (May be named differently) and set the iGPU as default "in primary display" (entry may be named iGPU or IGX most likely). The get back into windows and download the "Intel Driver & Support Assistant". It should let you download the proper intel display driver which also comes with it's proper control panel.

    I had the iGPU and GTX running side-by-side for weeks for testing with bdrb, 0 issues, ever. IF they hosed their system they probably messed with the wrong things.

    As to the HDMI switch, that may be an option. I have one of these for when needed.

    Oh and in the mean time, u upgraded my system again too :p. Check the red parts in signature ^^
  13. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member

    Ok, I understand.

    When I go into BIOS to make the switch, I'll be viewing via the nVidia HDMI port.

    I would guess once I make the switch and the computer boots up, the nVidia port goes dead and the Intel Graphics port activates.

    At that point, I have to move the monitor's HDMI to the Intel Graphics port to see anything.

    Ok, but here's my concern:

    New computer and never tried the Intel Graphics port. If it is not functioning for some reason, how would I be able to see how to get into BIOS to reset back to the nVidia GPU?

  14. testiles

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    Ok. I see now.

    Got that...

    Would it be ok instead of downloading the Intel Driver and Support assistant, to download the HP-recommended Intel Graphics drivers from their site?

    They have some specifically for this model PC.


    Not clear what the switch is for...

    You mean in case I want to swap between nVidia and Intel Graphics?

    Niiiiiiiiicccceee !!

    Man, it would be hard to keep up with you!

    Glad I'm not even trying (lol).

  15. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    It would most definitely be ok, the assistant does the same thing. The switch would enable you to hook up both the igpu and gtx output's to the same single monitor HDMI input. All you'd need to do is swap device on the switch depending on use case.

    For example for gaming you'd switch it to the gtx, VLC: gtx (as that one has hardware decoding,...) All tasks but uhd: use the gtx.

    You need to play an uhd: switch the monitor input to the igpu,...

    Get the idea?

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    Originally I thought I would be able to have both graphics processors active. And I planned to connect the nVidia HDMI to the monitor and the Intel Graphics HDMI to the 4k TV.

    But silly me. Of course both can't be active.

    Since I've now seen how great the 1070 looks with Blu-Ray, my new plan is to connect the DisplayPort from both the processors to my receiver (using DisplayPort-to-HDMI adapters) and feed the HDMI from both processors to each of my monitors. I would handle switching then with the receiver and within the monitors...

    But I still have the concern of switching to Intel Graphics in BIOS only to find it's connections don't work, as I related to @James.

    I had to work hard to remove a steel "insert" in the IG HDMI port just to expose it. It was like it wasn't meant to be removed.

    There's also a DisplayPort output connected to Intel Graphics. It had a standard steel plug covering it and was not so hard to get access to.

    ... I would think it's possible though that the Intel Graphics ports are not even wired or connected in any way.

    So it's probably wisest for me to contact HP and see if they can give me any insight on this (wish me luck with them!!!!).

    And also find out if doing this would void my warranty.

    I guess worse-case scenario is they tell me it can't be done and I have to use my other Desktop for UHD play and remain UHD-blind on this new one.

    Hoping that won't be the case.

  17. testiles

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    Guys, this 1070 is a beast !!!

    For the first time ever, I opened up the Preview Menu in CloneBD and all the titles were immediately ready for viewing. All of them.

    I have never seen that before!

    It also processed a 47G Blu-Ray in CloneBD in under 13 minutes.

    And a 55G UHD (which I couldn't even work with in CloneBD before) in about 12.

    Neither of these involved compression or transcoding in any form, but still for me these are remarkable speeds.

    I should have jumped on the nVidia bandwagon years ago! :dance:

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  18. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    Both van be active just fine. As I said I did that for a long time. And yup, the speed of them is awesome. Love my 1080 too.

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    I'm a little confused then Ch3vron. Unless "active" is not the word I mean.

    Because James said this...

    ... are you saying I can hook up the output of both GPUs, connect them to separate devices, and use both?

    'Cause when James said "NO signal", I kinda thought not.

    Come to think of it, you did say set BIOS to MultiMonitor Mode, and that's what I would think that meant...........

    BTW, James, I somehow knew you would say this:

    ... but I love the Menus and I'm so far down this Intel road, I'm kinda all-in, for better or worse. :LOL:

  20. Ch3vr0n

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    Upon system post only 1 monitor will initially show video. Doesn't really matter which one you pick. That's the one you set as 'primary display', when the desktop loads both monitors will become active. Fully normal. You can hook up the 4k tv to the iGPU to enable uhd playback, and your normal display to the GTX and things will work just fine. You'll just have to specify in Powerdvd to use that specific monitor (hooked up to the iGPU) for playback.

    Now, even being able to do that in the bios might be hard. DELL / HP are known for severely locking down the BIOS setting. They don't really want you in there, let alone modifying anything. If you weren't located so far I'd come and do it.

    That's all there is to it.

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