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Discussion in 'High Definition Hardware' started by peterbus, Feb 12, 2018.

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    I have had Zappati Duo 4K HDR for about a year now. I have about 12TB of movies on two 8TB hard drives in it. I plan to put my UHD rips on it. I have a five bay Mobius hard drive tower that I am waiting to populate as well. It will integrate movies with the library that is already in place. It will connect by USB to the Zappati. There is support for it here at the AVS forum:

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    I am curious if streaming from a Server or PC to a Chromecast Ultra or Smart TV with Googlecast works? I know VLC supports the Googlecast Protocol (Chromecast); not sure about Kodi. Instead of using a Linux/Android TV STB to request the ISO or MKV; initiate the stream from a computer (which could be running AnyDVD HD) and keep some of the benefits of playing on a PC. Thoughts? Anyone tried or have the ability to try?
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    hi,just came across this post. try PLEX , if you google it you will find how to enable Atmos to play through it.
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