3rd Party product question for anyone using other programs...

Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by Cloned dvd, Feb 13, 2007.

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    No seriously, I have not had any issues with the use of the combo of CloneDVD2/AnyDVD... I do not understand why others continue to use a program that is not supported anylonger?

    Is it because of the money?

    There are some here that has stated that they had issues using shrink or dvdfab, but then went on to say "but it worked fine with clone dvd." Then that person already has clonedvd... why waist their time with the others..

    Do they do something that clonedvd doesnt?

    (I have never tried other programs)
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    Money would be one of the issues. I still think DVD Shrink is one of the best if not the best transcoder. Even after development has stopped on it.

    You may have the best success using those two. Me on the other hand prefer to use AnyDVD and DVD Rebuilder. With a lot of smaller, yet powerful apps in between. That's another issue, personal preference. I have no use for CloneDVD but other people may.
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    People use other softwares for many reasons. Some are cheaper, or free, and different softwares offer the ability to do different things. Some offer more control of the editing or the burn and some are more simplified.
    Just because a software is no longer updated, or supported, doesn't necessarily mean that it is of no further use. DVDDecrypter and DVDShrink are still very functional tools to have.
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    I've tried the free trial version of CloneDVD2... and yes, DVDShrink blows it away in almost every manner. With Shrink, you can force default streams, edit individual titles, combine 2 titles to one DVD, without a menu, etc etc etc. In other words Shrink pretty much takes a DVD and makes it your *total* beeatch to do with as you see fit. Including using different compression levels on different parts of it, eliminating useless titles, etc etc. And in "autopilot" mode it's as simple to use as CloneDVD. I don't think even Nero Recode has quite risen to the total functionality of Shrink - yet.

    CloneDVD2 is also "3rd party software". Slysofts AnyDVD is a great tool, and Elby can thank thier lucky stars that they latched onto Slysofts marketing machine to give thier (ortherwise good but average) product a leg up in the market. Now, with the recent developments with Saw3 etc.... it suddenly has almost an unfair leg up in the free market.... solely by leeching onto AnyDVD for it's meal ticket.

    To be clear... I bought AnyDVD *because* it worked seamlessly with Shrink to remove the copy protection. That's it. (Think "master / slave" relationship, DVD Shrink is my "master" program) Recently, that's been harder to justify, because no matter what's confounding Shrink - it's still in the realm of "copy protection" and I'm a lot quicker to look at my "copy protection" software as the slacker of the two. I never *expected* Shrink to be able to handle any "copy protection" to begin with. (binary thinking)

    Lastly as a CEO for over 20 years... I've never once rewarded a "failure" with a subsequent "salvage purchase". Buying CloneDVD to act as a salvage ripper so that AnyDVD will continue to perform with Shrink (my primary utility) is almost contrary to that basic ruleset. I'd rather use workarounds until the AnyDVD ripper (hopefully) comes up to speed, OR if I have to shell out more money, leave AnyDVD entirely and find a paid 3rd party ripper that will rip a new DVD "stand-alone" so I can then import it into Shrink.

    I expect to spend more money to handle the HD-DVD format. But totally on principle, I've already spent all my money to guarantee a solution for the old DVD5 / DVD9 formats. If that *fails* - and I have to spend more - it's got to be somewhere else entirely. (binary thinking again)

    Sorry for the long rant... but you asked WHY? That's WHY?