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Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by Help_N_Out_2, May 22, 2018.

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    Hey Gang

    Let me say first, I am not experiencing any showstoppers with CloneBD.

    Since I am a rookie at using the program, I have a question. Does CloneBD have the ability to create a file from a 3D Blu-ray down to something like .mp4, .avi. or .mkv, and the file maintains the 3D integrity within itself to be played on a tv in 3D?

    I’ve successfully converted to .mp4 but not a 3D. I know 3D movies are on the way out but I still have some.

    Again, nothing urgent, just trying to learn the program.

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    It can indeed, in multiple ways. Frame-packed, over-under (L/R or R/L main eye swapped) and Side-by-side (L/4 or R/L). Most TV's support the OU or SBS versions (eye swapped or not), you'll have to try and determine for yourself which one is best for you and your tv supports.

    Only disc-to-disc type backups are not yet supported. Note: not all TV's automatically swap 3D on when such a file is playing, you may need to tell the TV manually to go into '3D mode'.

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    Ch3vrOn, thanks. I'll run with this. I was under the false impression that CloneBD would be responsible for all of this. I'll experiment tomorrow. Again, thanks.