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    Now here is a real weird one. I have a disc of Maze Runner. From all indications it is a 2D version. When I attempted to rip to folders on my HD, it came up with the warning that for 3D, I should rip to image. Whoa. So checked with PVD14, nope, not a 3D. Ripped to folders. Still intrigued I tried in my 3D Sony player, on 3D tv. No 3D. Ok, stopped before I saw too much. TV now showing typical Sony screen for DVD/Bluray, except for one thing. Right beside Blade Runner title, is 3D logo. Weirder and weirder.
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    Well according to the log it does have an SSIF folder on the disc with lots of files in it so it does have a 3D disc structure
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    I saw that too,and one other thing that was sort of weird, was when I clicked on 800, 801, 850, in windows, they each played the movie, they played the movie, but where I left 800, and played 801, it started at the begining again, but 850 asked if I wanted to resume, and started where 800 stopped. I will do a little more testing after another rip is finished. There may be a new protection, or they may be trying to do a stamp that can be changed from 2D to 3 D.
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    The BluRay has a short film by the director in 3D (and 2D). Hence the 3D structure.
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    Simple: NEVER RIP TO FOLDER. You don't want this, you don't need this. :)
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    Thanks for the heads up faust1103.
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    I always rip to folder! Play all my blu-rays that way. LOVE IT! :cautious:o_O
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    Try they on a 3d title and the folder start will be to big to burn bash to disc

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    There are many blu-ray discs with files that SHARE DISC SECTORS. The best example is 3D discs. The 3D/2D on one disc storage method uses many shared disc sectors: so much so that if you were to just do a Windows "Properties" of the disc, it would show a size that is at least 50% larger than the size of just the raw sectors on that disc. Usually (but not always) that's so much bigger that you cannot burn a simple folder copy of that disc back to any reasonably priced BD-R or BD-RE.

    Copying one of these "shared sectors" blu-ray discs to a folder you will end up using more storage on your HDD than the original blu-ray disc sector count. It's simpler and guaranteed to not waste any space if you make an ISO copy of a blu-ray rather than an HDD copy.

    Yes, you have to mount it to play it, but is that not what automation via computer is all about? Click on the ISO (or choose that media file through MyMovies) and it gets mounted and the player of your choice automatically starts.

    Sure, storage is cheap, but I've got hundreds of 3D titles in my collection, and storage ain't THAT cheap. So ISOs it is for me. YMMV.


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    That is ok for burning to disc, but creating a mkv file to play back in 3D, the file size for Avatar is only 7.64 Gb, when created by BDRebuilder, and is in SBS format. Works.
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    I thought I was responding to a discussion about whether one should rip a blu-ray disc to folder or ISO; my notes above are only of interest if you're thinking of doing one or the other. Of course ripping to a single MKV file would be better in terms of size, that's obvious.