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    Hi, I'm trying to figure out why just 4 out of 32 3D blu-rays are selecting 'right eye first' as MultiView_Layout.
    The problem is that my playback gear is defaulted to 'left eye first' and I have to select the option to reverse eyes when playing a 'right eye first' file.
    All 32 titles have been converted using CloneBD, and use lossless frame packed MVC for 3D films.
    The source disks, I believe use these specs for 3D, so there's no source dependency on leading eye that I am aware of:
    Can we get an option to select leading eye for MVC?
  2. James

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    If you use lossless, the MVC format from the disc will be used. Some BD titles (from Fox?) have 'right eye first'. IIRC Avatar 3D had this. I believe, that the output file is flagged correctly, so your playback software should be able to playback correctly.