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    Have not got 3D tv, but want to back up the Dredd title (2D & 3D when it is released) to ISO on HDD ready for future upgrade of my equipment.

    All my BD titles are backed up with Any DVD HD "Rip To Image" feature.

    I only tick "Enable Blu-ray support" tab in settings, and leave coding, trailers, BD-Live and simulate connected 3D display boxes unticked.

    What i like to know is, do i have to tick any other boxes in settings menu for 3D titles to be backed up as ISO's :confused:

    Many Thanks.
  2. Jeff R 1

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    You may want to tick the box "Simulate Connected 3D Display"

    If you right click on that setting it will tell you what's it's for _ it's up to you if you want that feature enabled with your 3D disc.

    Here us what that function does : "Discs authored to play only in 3D can be viewed on a 2D display. A 3D capable player must be used for playback."

    You may right click any of the functions in AnyDVD HD and it will tell what that specific function will do.
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  3. wowszer

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    Rip the way you would if ripping a 2D movie with anyDVD, but disregard the warning it gives. You will still get a full version backup, but then when Bdrebuilder does its thing it just pulls the one set of files, (not both that would be used for 3D) and builds a 2D movie from the files. There are only 4 m2ts files in that movie and that's all it uses. The identical file numbers but with a .ssif extension are not copied to iso or disc.
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    Euhm that's exactly what you should NOT be doing, ripping to a folder. It will double the disc in size. Creating a movie only backup is also NOT the question of the OP. OP is simply asking what needs to be done what needs to be done to create a functional ISO backup. All that needs to be done is to rightclick the fox tray icon and select rip to image. Optional the setting simulate 3D display can be checked but that works just as fine AFTER the iso has been created.

    BD-Rebuilder will indeed ignore the SSIF folder but that's besides the point
  5. wowszer

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    My bad, saw that he didn't have 3D and wanted 2D, missed the 3d connection. Ripping to .iso will save what he wants for later. My method will produce a 2D on a 25 gig disc, which is what I first thought he wanted.
  6. RBBrittain

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    The OP said he wanted ISOs on his HDD. Backing up that way using the built-in ISO ripper will preserve the 3D file structure, including the crosslinked SSIF files (i.e., NO increase in rip size).

    If you want the ability to play the 3D ISOs in 2D, be sure the "simulate connected 3D display" box is ticked before using the ISO ripper. However, the OP apparently wants to rip both 2D & 3D discs from a combo pack so that shouldn't be necessary.

    If you want to make a 2D copy from a 3D ISO, mount the 3D ISO in VCD and then "rip" from the VCD disc (built-in ripper, BDRB, etc.)
  7. routledgepaul

    routledgepaul Well-Known Member

    Thanks all for info,

    RB you hit nail on the head. I just want two ISO's (one for 2D - one for 3D version)

    Storage space is not a problem for my ISO's. What will happen if i leave 3D simulate box unticked for the 3D ISO.
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  8. Adbear

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    If you leave it unticked then nothing will happen, you'll just have a 3D ISO. But if it's one of the discs that only gives you the option to play the movie back in 3D then you're better off ticking that box, that way you should have the option to play it back in either 2D or 3D, and therefore saving space as you only need to keep 1 copy on your hard drive. Doesn't seem to make sense to make a second ISO from the same disc to see it in 2D when you can just tick that box and you should be able to watch either from the same ISO. You'd be surprised at how quickly making full ISO backups fills the drives.
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  9. routledgepaul

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    Thanks Adbear & all, found out what i wanted to know now.

    The disc set as i know it comes as a double set (1 x 2D - 1 x 3D)

    That is why i will back up both (to keep it as close to the original release)

    Storage is not a problem at the moment.

    Would be interesting to compare picture quality with 2D ISO against 2D simulated 3D disc ISO.

    Would you know this?
  10. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    It's not simulated, when playing back a 3D movie in 2D you just get 1 eye which is normally (but not always) the same as the 2D release
  11. RBBrittain

    RBBrittain Well-Known Member

    According to blu-ray.com, the UK release of Dredd is a single BD with both 2D & 3D versions. (The U.S. release is the same.) There's only one disc to copy; the 2D version is one eye of the 3D version, as Adbear said.

    You should make one rip and not tick "simulate 3D display"; it will automatically play as either 2D or 3D depending on your player & display capabilities. (However, you may have to activate 3D in the player before it will display in 3D.)
  12. routledgepaul

    routledgepaul Well-Known Member

    Thanks again Adbear, RB, & all.

    Just to confirm if i understand correctly.

    Would a 3D only disc ripped to ISO with the "Simulate connected 3D display" ticked, make the ISO play 2D on a standard 2D screen to the same quality, size, etc as the 2D release of the same title.

    Also would the same ISO play in 3D, if played back on 3D compatible equipment with 3D software.
  13. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    Yes it should
  14. RBBrittain

    RBBrittain Well-Known Member

    Unless the studio mastered the 2D version differently, that is. That's why most 3D CGI-animated films come with separate 2D & 3D discs; the 2D version is rendered specifically for 2D screens and is slightly different from either eye of the 3D version. (Generally not an issue with live-action films shot in 3D like Dredd.)
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    Thanks :bowdown:
  16. routledgepaul

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    Thanks :bowdown:
  17. FurryGuy

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    And the average viewer is going to notice the difference(s), or even care if they do see the difference(s)? I know I probably wouldn't notice and I am not an "average viewer", nor even feign a muster up a bother to care if I did. The minimal difference with viewing angles and such is so not an issue.

    Might as well fret and fuss about how many nanobots can dance on a transistor chip.
  18. RBBrittain

    RBBrittain Well-Known Member

    I've seen screenshot comparisons between the 2D & 3D transfers of Tangled. It's not just viewing angles; sometimes the backgrounds are blurred in the 3D transfer to improve depth perception, but are fully rendered in the 2D transfer. It's a rendering decision made by the studio to optimize each transfer for proper use. Of course if it doesn't matter to you, you can always rip the 3D version with "simulate 3D display" on and play it back in 2D...
  19. FurryGuy

    FurryGuy Well-Known Member

    And the average viewer is going to care about all that? I seriously doubt it. They just want to watch the movie and talk such as the above would just make their eyes glaze over.
  20. routledgepaul

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    Reason why i asked the questions above, equals the reasons why i use blu-ray.

    I want the best picture with sharpest detail available when backing up, keeping ISO as close to the disc (even leaving trailers and crap in)

    Personally i cant stand watching 3D in the cinema, but as this title has it included, i want it saved as close to the original, even if i have not got a 3D monitor.

    I would only purchase a 2D only version if it was available.