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Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by Tom E., Apr 1, 2018.

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    Im using plex media server on my computer and just converted the first 3d blu-ray to 3d mkv.
    When playing the file on the tv it plays in 2d and I have to select 3d in the tv's menu. Is the tv converting the file to 3d on the fly or is the file 3d in full quality like the original blu-ray disc?
    When playing original 3d movies from the standalone 3d player with disc its viewed in 3d without selecting it on the tvs menu.
    Clonebd shows 3d watermark on the selected title and I selected frame packed (mvc) in 3d format.
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    When playing from a disk, your tv knows the correct format. When playing other formats, for example side by side, you have to pick the correct format to play 3D. If you don't, select, it picks one of the side, left usually I believe, and it plays that side only resulting in 2D.
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    The MKV output is full quality 3D, that's definitely not a problem.
    Now, if your TV supports "conversion" to 3D, I can't promise you that what you are seeing really is the actual 3D.
    I suppose, you'll have to actively tell your TV to never, ever do that (it's usually evil, anyway), to be sure.

    Not all devices support frame packed 3D in MKV. That is mostly because the format is really badly defined. There is no clear specification, only what you can call "de-facto" standards that came into life because nobody wanted to wait for the Matroska guys to get their asses up and write the specs.

    CloneBD writes the full frame packed 3D stream and also flags it correctly in the header section ... which is another shortcoming of many TVs - they don't care about those header flags, which would make auto-switching to 3d mode much easier.
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    Thank you for your reply, made things more clear :)
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    Tom E - what's up with your avatar choice? Are you a normal person or what?
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    The keyword here, is "Plex" media server. The way to avoid having to tell the Plex player which 3D form the file is in lies in the naming convention. Check out: https://forums.plex.tv/t/3d-naming-conventions/46005

    Otherwise, you've got to tell the Plex player that it's 3D every. single. sinkin'. time.
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