350 successful backups and then KHARTOUM

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    I have unsuccessfully tried to backup Khartoum (starring Charlton Heston) many times, using three different Khartoum disks, including the movie I purchased, and the ones purchased by two friends, all purchased from different stores in Western Australia at different times.
    Firstly I used AnyDVD with One Click DVD Copy Pro and failed with all three versions of Khartoum.
    Next I used the anyDVD ripper and it failed with all three versions of Khartoum.
    Ironically, the reported failures for all disks were at 51% of the disk read, and a read error was reported. All three reported read errors occurred in file VTS_02_04.
    This makes me think that perhaps there was a production error with the hardware by the manufacturers when making the copies of this disk for Australian distribution, rather than a new type of protection.
    I am going to try with anyDVD but I do not expect any difference.
    Has anyone ever successfully backed-up Khartoum?
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