3 sudden DVD subtitle issues

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by lostinlodos, Nov 6, 2007.

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    I'm having three AVI Subtitle issues that have just appeared in version They came out of nowhere and I (literally) didn't change anything between things being fine and things being screwy.

    Issue 1: Subtitle location does not match the DVD. I have quite a few DVDs that I'm trying to back up that have "read-in" subtitles, where they float in the centre of the screen. The first 20 or 30 minutes of the ripped AVI will match the original source but after that they fall back to the bottom of the screen.

    Issue 2: On SOME DVDs the subtitles come out the other end as a static-like block rather than readable text. The source is fine.

    Issue 3: My coloured subtitles come out in death white, almost shell white.

    Any thoughts!???!
  2. Jill

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    This is an interesting and new situation which we haven't encountered so far.
    Please tell us, either here or in an e-mail to support@slysoft.com:
    * Which movie titles are you referring to? Were those originals, rentals or already ripped versions from anywhere? Are they locked to a certain region or in general provided with the same region code that is default for your area?
    * Which CloneDVD mobile version do you use?
    * Are you using AnyDVD? If yes, which version?
    * Do you have a licensed software version or are you on trial version?
    * Which software settings did you exactly select?
    * Please also provide us with your hardware configuration in detail.

    Thank you.
  3. lostinlodos

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    The picture in the last post is Kung Fu Mahjong Heroes R3, D1 (the colour problem)

    Here is my most recent issue: Star Trek Limited Box Set R1
    Season 1 Disc 8

    Originals; owned



    Two licensed versions, one from this year the second dating back to the originals (for both programs) Problems identical with Both mobiles

    Generic (DivX)
    Subtitle English
    Resolution NTSC TV 720X480
    Output 29
    Deinterlace video material
    label VIDEO_DVD

    Same problem on two systems:

    (AMD 64X2 4200+)
    (AMD Phenom Agena-Quad)

    OS Windows Vista x64 Ultimate

    DVD burners
    (Plexter±R/RW/RAM PX-810SA/SW-BL & LG DVD ±R/RW/HD/BR GGC-H20L)
    (LG ±R/RW/RAM GSA-H55NK)

    (DDR2 4Gb)
    (RAM DDR3 8Gb in compatibility mode)

    Both also have fully paid and active DivX 6 Pro Encoder/decoder if that makes any difference. I'm missing something here; maybe a codec interference or something.

    (I'll post pictures shortly; we're in the middle of an ice storm and I can't keep a connection)