2nd Movie File? (Possibly 1080p vs 1080i)

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  1. Aaron Clark

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    I am ripping my blue ray collection to my hard disk and on my Back to the Future (25th Anniversary Edition) Part I disk, it created two files with ALMOST the exact same size.

    On file is 29,502,114 KB and the other is 29,502,113 KB.

    On the back of the box it says it is shown in 1080p Widescreen and 1080i, but how do I know which one is which? I tried watching the videos side by side and the viewing area looks exactly the same to me.

    Here are the videos side by side.
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  2. Ch3vr0n

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    The image sais nothing. All i'm seeing is VLC playing a movie, twice. Nothing about filesizes at all. That said, AnyDVD can't convert to play with VLC, and it only rips the entire disc or not at all. It can't create extra files, and it doesn't leave files behind either.

    1080p refers to the resolution. 1920x1080P(ixels) aka FULL HD. 1080i refers to the video configuration, interlaced video. They're completely different things.
  3. Aaron Clark

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    Shit, you're right. I'm using MakeMKV to create the files. I'll post in their forums. Sorry for the hassle.
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    No worries, you can only ask. We're here if you need us :)
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    Actually, Ch3vron, the "p" in 1080p refers to "progressive" and the "i" in 1080i is "interlaced".

    Both refer to a scan method as described here:


    Has nothing to do with AnyDVD though, just as you say.

    For AnyDVD, Scan Method In = Scan Method Out.

  6. testiles

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