2001 UHD German - No root menu to select Dolby vision

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    I apologize for the misleading header.

    Same behavior means the video is washed out and the TV doesn't show the "Dolby Vision" when it's supposed to detect DV.

    Yes, Original menu.

    No, no DV detected. Picture is "off".

    Answer is no for the rest of the question. Picture is just "off".

    And no - I didn't check the box to remove DV.

    Let me run the tests with the old NVIDIA drivers and

    I also don't understand. It worked before - DV and HDR - and now it doesn't anymore. The Meg played just fine (DV) and The last reef as well (HDR) that were compressed previously with former versions. Cut off point was in January, 11th for the last good DV copy with AnyDVD 8330 and CBD 1240. Last good HD was The last reef with AnyDVD 8331 and CBD 1240. Please note that I don't have a newer HD disc to test if HD still works.