2001 UHD German - No root menu to select Dolby vision

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by coopervid, Feb 24, 2019.

  1. coopervid

    coopervid Well-Known Member

    This disc is very stubborn. The original disc gives you various options to select:

    UHD with DV
    UHD w/o DV


    After compression to a 50Gb disc from an 84Gb ISO this selection is not possible anymore and the disc plays the video "pale" or black & white.

    Please let me know which files to provide so you can check into it.
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  2. Pete

    Pete Forum Admin Staff Member

    A log file would be a good start.
  3. coopervid

    coopervid Well-Known Member

    Hi Pete,

    log file attached. Let me know if you see something interesting or also if if should re-run the ISO with the newest version of CloneBD. Until now nothing was successful.
    I'm just transcoding the ISO with CloneBD and will upload the new log as well when it's finished.

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  4. Pete

    Pete Forum Admin Staff Member

    Not necessary, there is not going to be a difference.
    The log file is just for us to see what's on that disc.

    Edit: not entirely true, please do upload the new one, I was just told, that there was an information added to the log, that might be helpful.
    Also add an AnyDVD log file, please.
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  5. coopervid

    coopervid Well-Known Member


    attached is the next log. I can't provide an AnyDVD log since the disc is at my son's place out of town.

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  6. Pete

    Pete Forum Admin Staff Member

    Can you please try v1.2.4.4
  7. coopervid

    coopervid Well-Known Member

    Working on it. I will post ASAP.
  8. coopervid

    coopervid Well-Known Member

    No, didn't work.

    Now the colors are not "pale" anymore but completely off like in the other thread "No UHD on compressed discs" by mvb.

    Here is the log file plus two screenshots. See titles 49, 50 and 51. No option presented to choose those:

    Dolby vision Player / Dolby vision display
    Dolby vision Player / SDR display
    Non Dolby vision player / SDR display

    2001 screenshot CloneBd 2001 screenshot 2 CloneBd

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  9. coopervid

    coopervid Well-Known Member

    So - the disc is back... Let me know for any things you want me to check.

    First: I had "remove annoying " etc. enabled. Disabled. Made no diffrence.
    Second: Uninstalled CBD and went back to
    Third: Ripped disc with AnyDVD Log attached.
    Fourth: Compressed to 50Gb disc and burnt with ImgBurn

    Result: Original disc starts with Warner Brothers splash screen dark blue / white and system says "Dolby Vision" in the top right corner (see equipment in my signature). Compressed disc starts with very light blue Warner Brothers splash screen and no info on HDR at all. And continues "pale".
  10. coopervid

    coopervid Well-Known Member

    @Reto and @James

    Hint: AnyDVD needs a hell lot of time to read this disc and makes scary noises. Hint2: It says then "Error reading volume ID". Hint3: Now it doesn't say that anymore what I listed as Hint2. And reads the disc much faster. Anything changed and I should try again?
  11. coopervid

    coopervid Well-Known Member

    @Pete or @Reto

    do you think that CBD will fix my problem?

    fix: add extension data to index.bdmv to indicate HDR content (some players would not identify HDR content as such)
  12. Pete

    Pete Forum Admin Staff Member

    I can't say. seems to get rid of pretty much all HDR problems - yours (menu not showing a DolbyVision option) is a bit special - we have no means to test that.
  13. coopervid

    coopervid Well-Known Member

    Thank you anyway.

    I will test on the weekend and provide feedback if it's solved. Otherwise another coaster but that will not ruin me. And if it works it's good for the whole community.
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  14. Pete

    Pete Forum Admin Staff Member

    That's the spirit (y)
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  15. coopervid

    coopervid Well-Known Member

    I hate to report that the compressed disc still doesn't activate Dolby Vision (on my player) using CBD :cry:
  16. coopervid

    coopervid Well-Known Member

    I will report this weekend how two other DV UHDs behave. I had already a couple that I compressed to 50Gb discs and all worked. Since I had no issues i didn't pay any further attention.
    Log files can be sent then . But honestly - i don't expect trouble with these discs.
  17. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Where are these "options to select"? In the menu of the disc itself? Or in the menu of your LG UP970 player?
  18. coopervid

    coopervid Well-Known Member


    I was mistaken. These options are not given. Since the disc was at my son's place I looked at the information in CBD on the ISO I had made of it and saw these three "options" there.

    I think what happens is that my player picks the video from the Dolby vision track and with the original disc it uses the Dolby vision information to make it a HDR video but somehow with the copy it doesn't use that DV information and so the picture is completely washed out.
    With the original my TV shows right away "Dolby Vision" right from the start of the movie. With the copy no such thing and the picture is much too light without almost any colors.

    Yes, most likely a special case of this movie in the combination with my LG UP970 player. But somehow it also tells me that there are still some compatibility issues with what CBD creates when it compresses the movie.

    FYI - I tried it with my disc and also got a rental copy of this movie. Both showed the same behavior. Originals and copies of both.
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  19. coopervid

    coopervid Well-Known Member

    Something seems to be broken...

    "Skyscraper" and "A star is born" show the same behavior / symptoms as 2001. My last good DV copy was with my current NVIDIA drivers and with CBD "The Meg". DV logo from the very beginning.

    The copy before updating the NVIDIA drivers was made with I will now roll back the NVIDIA drivers to that state and will try with

    Results will be posted later. I'm not jumping to conclusions. Maybe the studios have changed something.
  20. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Just to clarify. In the thread title you say "2001 UHD German - No root menu to select Dolby vision"

    Later you say "I was mistaken. These options are not given."

    Now you say

    "Skyscraper" and "A star is born" show the same behavior / symptoms as 2001

    So, could you please clarify, what the "same behavior / symptoms as 2001" are exactly? Every gory detail, please.

    Are you copying with or without keeping the original menu?

    Does the player detect DV, but the picture is "off"?

    Does the TV detect DV? Or HDR?

    Does it playback in HDR10 instead of DV?

    Does it playback in SDR instead of DV?

    You haven't by any chance enabled "remove Dolby Vision" by mistake?