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    Hey guys,

    Have another strange issue with CloneBD.

    As usual, using a protected Blu-Ray .iso, this time it's 2001 A Space Odyssey Special Features, and creating a Partial Copy folder.

    Again, for testing purposes, all Titles are checked as well as Audio streams and Subtitles. In other words, it's a "Partial Copy" but nothing is excluded (to eliminate selection as the problem).

    The issue is playing the resultant folder brings up the Main Menu with options described in another language. I think it's in German!

    Direct play of the .iso brings up an English language Main Menu, as it should.

    The Main Menu seems to be a template and the option descriptions are filled in (possibly using video clips?).

    You have to see it to understand, I guess, but I can't seem to get a screenshot...

    Attaching AnyDVD and CloneBD log files.

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    Pete looked into this and it turned out to be a bug in CloneBD.

    A playlist subpath was removed during Partial Copy that shouldn't have been.

    The fix will be in the next release.

    Currently at