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20 Century Fox Films


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Feb 19, 2007
I recently tried to make a back-up copy of a movie that I own. Fly Boys. The movie was filmed by 20th Century Fox. Anyway, when I attempt to copy the movie, I only get a commentary by the director or producer throughout the entire movie. Is there something that I'm doing wrong? I also had the same problem on the movie "I walk the Line". I'm not sure at the moment who produced that film. I hadn't had problems with any of the other dvd's that I've copied. Any suggestions? I was clone DVD as the writing program. Thanks Paul
Try this!

Did you try pushing the audio button on your dvd remote? One of the English audio is director's commmentory! If that does not work, then the regular audio is somehow disabled during your back up process!Check your settings before you begin the backup process!