2-sided DVD to single ISO?

Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by Bruderhead, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. Bruderhead

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    I have what I suppose is an old (pre-dual-layer) DVD of Amadeus. Half the movie is on one side; midway through you have to get up and flip the disk over to play the second half. All I can see to RIP it is to do each side as separate DVDs.

    Is there any way to merge these into a single ISO (or VOB set) so that the movie can be played uninterrupted?

    thx ...
  2. Webslinger

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    You can't with Clonedvd2. You can rip using Clonedvd2, and join the two rips together using a third party program.
  3. oldjoe

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    Yes...DVDShrink will join both files.
  4. Clams

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    Pssssst..... this *is* the third party forum. You can actually say *DVDShrink 3.2* by it's real name.

  5. Webslinger

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    This thread was originally posted in the Clonedvd forum. I moved the thread here and responded quickly because I knew others would do the work for me. You can also join the the two rips using applications other than Shrink, by the way.

    I'm not mentioning the other applications (and Shrink) mostly because I'm lazy--and not because I am reticent to mention them.
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  6. mike20021969

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    how do you do that?

    ps i recently got hold of a friday 13th dvd which had the first 8 installment on it (it was a sinlge layer 4.7GB disc).it had over 12 hours of video on it with stereo audio.the video quality wasn't great but WAS watchable.
    what sort of software will allow (me) to do this sort of thing?
  7. lostinlodos

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    Easy vs hard

    The easy way to do it is with the trial of Adobe Video Production Suite or Nero Vision. Rip both sides with CloneDVD. Then load either program. Create a standard two-part menu, place DVD side A on one screen, side B on the second. Nero will do it for you, the Adobe system will make you drag-n-drop every file. With nero though, make sure you have "compliance" turned off, or it will try to re-format the DVD.

    The hard way would be to combine the film with something like DVD Rebuilder. I never quite figured out that program so someone else may be able to walk you through, I know Nero pretty well so if you need a step-by-step just ask.

    As for Friday 13th, Nero does that kind of work well. You would need to convert all the multi-channel audio to stereo, and compress the video down in Nero Vision. I'm sure other software could do it to, but I don't know how/what.
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  8. oldjoe

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    DVDShrink ...........about halfway down the page is an explanation for joining files.