2 questions, 1 for the new CEO...Vidcache.bin file -and- about OPD v1 & v2 w-LTL

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    This is a genuine request, ... I ask the forum moderators and Admins NOT to respond to this post.

    I'd like to hear from a developer, or someone who's taken the role of CEO, that makes the decisions now., about my OPD question, shown below.
    The other threads regarding this were locked eventually, and no 'possibility' answers were given to my question.

    If one of the developers or new CEO can comment on the possibility of keeping the original v1 OPD for access by LTL users, I'd appreciate it...and so will the LTL users, until we decide if another license for v2 OPD access is wanted.
    I don't think RedFox will lose any money over keeping the old v1 access file, operational and online, for the LTL holders.

    You all make the rules now, so you can't simply say you can't...because the boss won't let you...he's not there any longer...right?

    The below responses by Ch3vr0n shows it's actually possible to do, now that it's known a separate v2 OPD is being made for the RedFox updates higher than v7.6.9.5
    It's not as if you didn't make a copy of the old v1 OPD before you started to modify it for the new v2 file...yes?

    If you're not able to, or don't want to create a way to allow 'a-la-carte' licensing, ...
    ... then please consider allowing the original LifeTime License holders to access the v1 OPD for the lifetime it was intended to do.

    Think of it as customer good-will, to show us the former boss is really no more...and RedFox makes the rules now.

    The below post #9 showed me it's now actually possible, but I'd like to know for sure, and explained why, if not...
    ...from a developer of the program...not a moderator or Admin.

    If it is possible...who in the new company RedFox took the role of CEO, and makes these decisions to do this?
    And please don't lock this thread as well...that would be very bad looking for the new 'RedFox'..!

    Post #9 from Ch3vr0n

    Think of it this way. It's like upgrading your windows 7/8 to Windows 10. You don't suddenly have a dual boot system, you have 1 OS Windows 10 but you keep 'legacy' functionality so slightly older software doesn't just stop working overnight. The same applies to upgrading the OPD. They're doing maintenance to upgrade it in preparation of a real 'RedFox anydvd HD' release so it'll be ready, but they have to keep interim version access possible until that version is released.

    [...] your answer showed me how they can actually have two separate OPD's (old and new), with the OLD v1 for the original LTL users ;)

    They could simply keep a copy of the old v1 access OPD online, accessible by the old Legacy v1 access of the versions now and back, to the first RedFox version, then the v2 access OPD for the updates to the newer v2 access, after program updates of May 31st 2016 and beyond.

    Problem solved...:whistle::cool::D

    I really don't think they'll lose more than a few hundred Megs of drive space on this idea. :p
    No real money lost, 'cause people will get new licenses for access to the newer titles, on the v2 OPD, if they ever need to.


    Links to what lead-up to my above conclusion...

    Post #4 My question

    Just curious...
    Have they decided that the online database WON'T be split into two separate ones... OLD / NEW
    And that LTL's before any new interim versions won't have lifetime access to the OLD database?
    While new yearly licenses will have NEW database access? (NEW = copy of OLD plus new extras)

    I know...you don't know... But I'm just curious why the former LTL owners can't at least enjoy the OLD database for as long as they need the old titles even after the cutoff date of May 31st 2016

    Post #6

    I only asked that because when the database was inaccessible briefly. a few days ago, one of the Admins said the problem happened when they disconnected access to the old database to access the new one.

    I think it would have been nice for old LTL's to be allowed to access the OLD database after the deadline.

    Oh well...!

    Post #7 from Ch3vr0n

    No, the admin didn't say they disconnected one. He said that while performing maintenance to upgrade the OPD to version 2, something happened that disabled v1 access. Version 2 enables both accesses, there's only 1 OPD. 'Legacy v1 access' may be disabled when the licensing goes up and only 'v2 anydvd opd authentication' may be able to access the OPD from the cutoff date.
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  2. Ch3vr0n

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    My responses do NOT show it's possible, is anything it should be the opposite. You're reading exactly the opposite of what I'm saying! Don't drag me into this. That and you're mixing up the vidcache.bin file and the OPD. The 2 are NOT the same.
  3. OLDieButGOODie

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    This isn't dealing with the vidcache.bin file any longer.

    And I don't mean to suggest you said it's possible, I merely posted your statement that there will be a v2 OPD, so it suggests the v1 is separate now, or will be soon.

    This is why I wanted a developer to reply, and not a moderator, or admin.
    You did say many times you don't have any influence on the decisions.

    All I'm asking is you don't cloud-up this thread with your replies, then decide to lock this thread when I protest.
    You're not giving this subject a chance to be resolved...and are actually making it look bad for the new execs.

    Please refrain from your own emotions on it, and wait for a developer or the 'new' CEO to respond.

    Thank you...and I mean that sincerely, and respectfully to you.
  4. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    V2 if the same as v1 but with some improvements. As far as a developer response goes, don't think they divulge opd sensitive data. I'm not putting my own emotions in it, and a new CEO? Doubt there even is one.

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    I think you are confused about the OPD. It's not just a 'file' it's a complete set of servers used for various things.
    RedFox aren't going to leave separate servers running specifically for Slysoft users.

    Slysoft is dead. As far as I'm concerned RedFox have already done way too much for Slysoft users by releasing new versions and letting them being used fully for a few months.
    I've said it before, if things had gone a different way (RedFox not taking over) then everything would be long gone, no forum, no OPD.
    People should be happy that they got this much.
  6. OLDieButGOODie

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    I'm impressed with what RedFox accomplished, in this short time - so far, but I still would like assurances that if this company name-change happens again, I'd be able to save my own database of title keys so I wouldn't lose them to online database lockout.

    I'd like to see the newer AnyDVD HD have a built-in backup and restore ability to save the title-keys already used, to the customers hard drive, or any other media, whenever the customer chooses.

    Hey, I feel if I've paid for the right to download the key, I'd should be able to keep that file on my own hard drive backups, so I can at least restore what I've already purchased.

    Otherwise, what's the point of getting ANY license. (Yearly OR Lifetime)
    Is it all just supposed to be temporary..?

    This is the reason for my mistrust (or caution) for this not happening again.
    Why should I need to pay again, for the allowance to download the same key info I've already paid to get with the old key?

    If this 'new' company can't understand customers who feel this way, then they're not really giving a rats-arse about the customers or their money.
  7. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    built in backup? oh wait, it already does. For BD+ discs it creates a local .db1 file per disc, standard aacs only don't need one, and dvd's well it does for them too.
  8. OLDieButGOODie

    OLDieButGOODie Well-Known Member

    With all due respect Ch3vr0n, I've got threads all over this forum from people explaining how, and where the 'special files' are, or get stored on the hard drive, and lots of conflicting posts as well, dealing with it...with different names for each kind of disk media. I don't want to have to pick and place each one.

    So, if I buy a lifetime or yearly license again, I'd like to just be able to click a software button that saves ALL of the 'special files' (you and everyone else explained exist), automatically....to my media of choice, anytime I choose.

    If my hard drive craps out again, and I don't have a drive image, I'd like the ability to put back those files just as easily...with one click of the restore button within the program.
    This allows me to at least have a separate backup of this info, if I didn't make an image of my entire drive.

    I don't think this is really too much to ask of the developers.
    It will also create more respect between the customers and the 'new' RedFox company, if we know there's some assurances we won't lose what we've already got.

    Especially if this happens again, and no one decides to return the next time and restart the company.
  9. Recycle

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    Man, people just don't get it when they are told why they just keep spouting the same nonsense again.

    You can manually do this yourself as well. You can save the CSS or BD opd that it copied to your Anydvd HD folder in your user data and save that to a media of your choice.

    Hard driver failures is the user problem not a RedFox or RedForum problem. And if you fail to make backup that is also your problem as well. User needs to learn responsible backups.

    Sounds like one thinks they are entitled to know the insides of RedFox when they aren't-what makes your think your entitled to something your not priviledge to know about. You should be glad RedFox restarted the software otherwise you and the rest of us would be left in the cold.

    You have a very small world view don't you-you think your the only one that has problems. Other companies come and go and some get absorb into bigger company but I don't see you coming out and talking about this. So this sounds like a very selective cherry picking for something that you got more then enough uses out of but still want it for nothing. Slysoft is Dead and any licenses with them expired may 31 as told by RedFox and if one can't see that then nothing more said will help your situation. You can continue to use Old Slysoft License up to the end point but you get no OPD access of which your trying to get which will not happen.
  10. OLDieButGOODie

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    I won't even comment on your outburst of insults. This isn't 'spouting the same nonsense'
    All I was asking for was a simple consolidation of all the special files in one easy step.

    Or... To satisfy YOU so i don't ask for much...
    To define all the special files needed to get manually.

    I've had vidcache.bin mentioned, ... And a .db1 mentioned ... Etc..etc...
    So it would be nice to know WHERE and WHAT all the separate files are to save, at least manually.

    And your disregard for that, and insulting outburst, is uncalled for.

    But, ... You may have been sent in this thread to cause it to be closed-down, by trying to pick a fight with me. :)
    Nice try...but no cigar..!

    My concern is valid, your outburst of hate and insults is not.
    So...kindly refrain from replying here if you can't be civil.

    I'm still waiting for a developers reply on all this.
    I'd like to speak to the puppeteer ...not the puppets. ;)

  11. BrianG61UK

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    For now just create your own batch file to backup these:

    1. The contents of "C:\ProgramData\SlySoft\AnyDVD" and it's subdirectories.
    C:\PACL\PACOMP.exe -a -r -p -c0 "C:\BACKUPS\AnyDVD ProgramData.zip" "C:\ProgramData\SlySoft\AnyDVD\*"
    where PACOMP is my favourite command line archiver program. Replace with pkzip, RAR or whatever you prefer.
    Obviously change the arguments to suite your choice of archiver too.

    2. The registry key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SlySoft\AnyDVD\BDRegion2" and it's subkeys.
    C:\Windows\System32\reg.exe EXPORT "HKCU\Software\SlySoft\AnyDVD\BDRegion2" "C:\BACKUPS\Backup of AnyDVD BD Region Cache.reg" /y

    3. The registry key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SlySoft\AnyDVD\Archive5" and it's subkeys.
    C:\Windows\System32\reg.exe EXPORT "HKCU\Software\SlySoft\AnyDVD\Archive5" "C:\BACKUPS\Backup of AnyDVD DVD Key Cache.reg" /y

    4. Anything else anyone says I've forgotton :)
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  12. OLDieButGOODie

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    (y) Thank you, BrianG61UK
    That's very nice of you to take the time to post a constructive reply.
    Some OTHERS here need to learn how to post helpful replies, instead of the same redundant hateful nonsense.

  13. Steve55

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    I just happened on this thread and thought it might be helpful to summarise
    1. Nearly all bd's are aacs encrypted with keys that move forward with each new version of aacs. Makemkv can also solve this, for instance.
    2. Some bd's are encrypted with screenpass aka 'guess the good playlist' I dont panic about this one because it's in principle always soluble with some effort.
    3. Some bd's are encrypted with bd+ where a small block of the disk is scrambled and needs to be unscrambled. Afaik -only- Anydvd is able to crack bd+. The corrected data is stored in the cache directory, I noticed that most bd's they are quite small but one or two are large.
    In principle 1-3 are independent of each other, so a bd could be encrypted with none or all of them.

    Only anydvd is able to comprehensively solve all 3 encryption plus the various quirks/variants. If you were to 'lose' anydvd, the bd+ cache is the definitely irreplaceable thing. Keep that backed up!

    However buying bd's in markets such as australia or norway, where the studios dont always bother to pay the encryption fees, can also work.

    Additionally, the cinavia watermark in the soundtrack is a completely different type of protection.

    Hope that's helpful as a clear summary.
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  14. OLDieButGOODie

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    Thanks for this clarification....good info.(y)

  15. Kajo

    Kajo Member

    How could one "lose" AnyDVD?
    But if one were to lose it: What should one do with the BD+-Cache then?

    Btw: I have backed up all cache-files from my BD's with BD+ (23 from 211). Only to find out later, that this wasn't really necessary (at least with older discs). I tried one of these BD's on my laptop without network-access (and no cache-files/cache-directory or registry-entries!).
    As AnyDVDHD started to process the disc, the cache-folder appeared along with the freshly written cache-file. No problem to watch this disc.
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  16. OLDieButGOODie

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    The way I did...not having a drive image backup when my hard drive died.

    Or, not knowing what files to save from AnyDVD folders and registry, when uninstalling the SlySoft version to replace with a new RedFox version.
    But judging by your "BTW:" statement below, that may not actually matter in reality..! :)

    I'm amazed, and glad you mentioned this.

    So if the update has the local database that includes the BD+ key, it's all automatic from there, I guess :cool:
    Good to know it's been seen to happen. I won't need to worry now.

    (I see you mentioned you had no internet access when trying this.)
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  17. Kajo

    Kajo Member

    Ah, I see. :(

    Yes. Of course you don't know for sure, if specific discs are in the local database (or not). Or if these discs have BD+ or "only" AACS (or whatever copy-protection there is).
    In this scenario I'm happy I have checked all of my discs before June 1st (y)
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  18. OLDieButGOODie

    OLDieButGOODie Well-Known Member

    That's why I was so worried...if the local database has the specific info for the BD+ in my OWN collection.

    That may ultimately be why it's good to save your own updated local database files and registry entries.
    So if you do need to reinstall, you'll know your own collection can be worked with.
  19. ddjmagic

    ddjmagic Well-Known Member

    As mentioned earlier in the thread, newer BD+ discs and Screen Pass discs require the OPD (probably the last couple of years or so)
    Those newer BD+ discs are then cached locally (Screen Pass are not)

    James original statement was if Slysoft went out of business, then the OPD would be made available.
    When Slysoft closed, he said he would try his best to keep that promise (this was said before RedFox existed)
    RedFox is now here with a fully working OPD for all old and future discs, so in a way he went above and beyond that promise.
  20. OLDieButGOODie

    OLDieButGOODie Well-Known Member

    Great...now I have a better understanding of the entire local database.

    Those "screen-pass" disks seem like the last problem (sort-of) ...what happens if no internet access may be available, even after the backup of a screen pass disk was made.
    If there's no local database entry made for it, it won't be able to be watched without online OPD access?

    ** same question applies to the "newer BD+" you included in the screen pass statement.