2 questions, 1 for the new CEO...Vidcache.bin file -and- about OPD v1 & v2 w-LTL

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    Hi all. :) (Page 2 asks an additional important OPD question, Can a Developer or the 'new' CEO please answer it?)

    It seems someone caused the main thread where I posted my question to the Admins regarding this, ...
    ... to be LOCKED by moderator Ch3vr0n, because of their redundant posts in that thread that he understandably didn't like, ...

    So I'd like to re-start my own post to the admin I had originally made the request to, (Peer) if I may be allowed.

    I'm mainly asking Peer, or other admins...or members, for their personal full vidcache.bin file, if this is allowed to do.
    Hey...I'm desperate to restore my backups, and I don't know when this issue about OLD database access for the lifetime-license users will be solved, or settled... or if it will be at all..!

    --- here's my original post...

    Hello, I've got a big problem now...
    I'm a lifetime-license user. I can give you my actual eMail address I registered AnyDVD HD with (in a PM)
    The one used on this site is different because you said (in another post) you blacklisted 11 ISP's...
    and mine is one of them.. Ha Ha..!
    So I wouldn't be able to see eMails from here if I didn't use another one for this forum.

    My hard drive crashed with no backup of my c:\programdata\slysoft\anydvd\vidcache.bin file.
    Yes...no image of my OS's C-drive, ...or file save...
    I didn't know how the program worked, and where the keys get stored, anyway, ...but no image either...!! :(

    I don't mean just the recent vidcache.bin is lost, but the entire file since I started using the program, so I may soon have nothing because from what I've read... the database won't be accessible soon, for the lifetime-license users to access, so I couldn't redo all my HD disks, on-time.

    Not that I have thousands, but even doing 150 will take awhile, and not finish-able before the April 30th 2016 cut-off date for access to the old database. ( I have other things to do in my day as well... ;) )

    Is it possible I can get a copy of someone's vidcache.bin file that's rather complete :) ... Or, to be allowed access to the old database (for lifetime, as intended) and then start the new license for access to the new database?

    I'd think access to the old database for the lifetime license users, with new database access needing a new license is really fairer to your customers.

    After all... How do you expect us to not think this could wind-up happening again later on, and no-one decides to come back and pick-up the pieces next time?
    It's good public-relations, and customer confidence with you, if you can do this.

    I'd ultimately like to have you make some way to have the most complete vidcache.bin file with all past entries put into it up until April 30th 2016, so that at least the lifetime license buyers with AnyDVD HD keys will be able to redo their own backups of owned HD DVD's in an emergency...like mine now... :)

    Peer said: ↑

    No, not correct. AACS decryption is never done locally.
    The OPD speeds up DVDs and BD+ blu-rays only.

    Won't change a thing.

    Please don't sell guesswork as knowlege (you've done that in several threads around here, this is not an isolated incident).
    If you think something is the case, please state so clearly and don't say it is a fact. If people start believing you, the nonsense starts spreading as common "knowlege".

    No, both won't do the trick either.

    The only way I can think of, is to run AnyDVD on a PC with internet connection, then insert the disc there.
    After that you can copy the file "c:\programdata\slysoft\anydvd\vidcache.bin" over to the other PC.
    Note that the version of AnyDVD should be the same on both machines.

    Using the latest version of AnyDVD (including betas) will very rarely require this procedure.
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  2. Pete

    Pete Forum Admin Staff Member

    "Somebody's vidcache.bin" probably won't help much.
    There are way over 150,000 different BDs out there, so even if someone has 2000 BDs, he will only have a small fragment of your discs in common with you.

    But the vidcache.bin only only required for those discs that got released after the version of AnyDVD you're running.
    In other words: AnyDVD ships with all the keys known up to that point.

    In yet other words: you already HAVE the "rather complete" database installed.
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  3. OLDieButGOODie

    OLDieButGOODie Well-Known Member

    So you're saying 150,000 encryption keys have already been added to the program up to this latest redfox release?
    I think I remember reading another post from Peer, or another developer, saying it would make the program file over 300 Megs in size larger than it is now, and that was why it was a separate database online, instead.

    I don't think your theory of 'all the keys are there already', is accurate.
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    I locked it because a certain member had dragged it off topic with a 3 page back and forth on the opd and it's connection with anydvd, which had no relation with the original question whatsoever. I had no choice but to lock it. Nothing personal :)
  5. ddjmagic

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    He's saying all known AACS data (discs that AnyDVD has previously decrypted) will be in the latest release. If I remember correctly James recently estimated this at 130,000 discs.
  6. OLDieButGOODie

    OLDieButGOODie Well-Known Member

    I know... :) ... I even said ... 'understandably didn't like' ... within my post ;)

    I could have sworn I read an admin, developer ... or even Ch3vr0n saying in another post, it was too large to include all of them directly into the program updates itself, and is 'a few hundred Mega-bytes' in size.

    Otherwise...why all the worry about past titles? ... And if so, ... Why the need for the online database at all?
    If it were actually within every new update of the program.

    Anyway... If the new 'owners' of the RedFox 'brand' decide that the OLD database can't be accessed by LTL owners, after April 30th 2016, and it turns out it IS needed for any reason... I'm screwed, ... and every HD disk I have is now on its own, ...to last as long as it will with normal usage...with no backup options.

    If that's the case, I'll just wind-up using streaming-media for future movies, and forget the need for the RedFox and a new license purchase. :( ...because I certainly don't want this scenario to happen again.
  7. Pete

    Pete Forum Admin Staff Member

    That other thing applies to BD+ discs only. But you were referring to vidcache.bin, which is not about BD+.
    I don't theorize, btw...
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  8. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

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  9. OLDieButGOODie

    OLDieButGOODie Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry if I sounded as if you're not knowledgeable with the 'theorize' statement.

    I'm just reading conflicting statements with each subject regarding this.

    Peer said the following, to someone else...in the quote of my first post...
    No, not correct. AACS decryption is never done locally.
    The OPD speeds up DVDs and BD+ blu-rays only.

    I thought the vidcache.bin was where the local HD encryption info was kept.
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  10. OLDieButGOODie

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    Ahhhh... An actual developer reply...thanks. :)

    Maybe I'm getting confused with the Blu-Ray key info and HD disks if it's differently stored...
    ...I'm sure I'm still confused...:confused::ROFLMAO:
  11. ddjmagic

    ddjmagic Well-Known Member

    Pete is part of the RedFox team too ;)

    AACS decryption is never done locally.

    Peer is talking about decryption of the AACS title key. This is always done online.
    Already known/decrypted title keys are contained inside AnyDVD (150,000) so any of these discs don't need to use the OPD.
  12. g0rg0n

    g0rg0n Member

    I understand the confusion. Post # 2 in this tread stated that disc are different, I can confirm this.

    My Terminator 3 disc was different than my brothers. Disc inside of the case looked the same, but they were release in different years and our cases and boxes were different. On Decryption and Trans-coding I found they had different ToC and contents. So my key cache would not help my brother, because we each had different discs.

    Publishers and Manufactures make changes on the discs with different released versions and dates more often than you would think.
  13. OLDieButGOODie

    OLDieButGOODie Well-Known Member

    So, is the function of the vidcache.bin file simply for storage of local temporary additions to the key table, when a customer inserts the BD+ or other HD disk into their HiDef player, until the newer AnyDVD (now RedFox) program update is released?

    That's really sneaky of them, isn't it?

    I think I'm beginning to understand all this... even if just a tiny bit more. :)
  14. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    Nothing sneaky really. You have rental versions, retail versions, standard releases, steelbooks,...

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  15. OLDieButGOODie

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    But that's my point of my 'sneaky of them' comment.

    They slightly change the format of the encryption method, so when you think you have a copy method, it's changed for another region, or rental / retail...etc...version.

    This must make the programmers crazy.

    Do the developers here need to purchase each new disk that's different, or is there a log that shows them what's newer within the coding, to re-work their decryption methods?

    Because if they need to purchase the actual disk to see what's different, I can see why they'd want yearly renewal subscriptions rather than LTL purchases..!
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  16. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    There's very few occasions where they actually need to purchase a disc, usually everything they need is in the logfile that's always requested. That's why with new discs we always ask to create an anydvd logfile ;-)
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  17. ddjmagic

    ddjmagic Well-Known Member

    Yes, for AACS new disc data is stored locally and added to the OPD, this then finds it's way into the next program release.
    As mentioned newer BD+ and Screen Pass titles are different.

    Newer BD+ discs require the OPD, this is then cached locally on your PC but it is not included in the program itself, so the OPD is always needed for these discs (unless the disc data is in your cache)
    Newer Screen Pass titles also require the OPD but are not cached locally, so these discs will always need the OPD regardless.

    This is how James described previous Slysoft versions of AnyDVD, whether RedFox will (or has) changed this I don't know (caching Screen Pass titles would be nice)
  18. OLDieButGOODie

    OLDieButGOODie Well-Known Member

    Good thing... with all the different versions of all the different titles..!...they'd go broke from all the purchase expenses.

    Ahhh...so THIS was the reason for everyone requesting the copy of the original database.

    Well...anyway...in my situation, if my Blu-Ray disks are no longer in my vidcache.bin ...more accurately...my non-existent vidcache.bin ...then I actually do need the database access...or a copy of it to access locally...if possible.

    But I guess I'll just need to wait, because I can't start to redo my backup now, and try to finish before the April 30th deadline....it's just to nerve-racking.

    I'm guessing if they ever do have a method of locally using the master database file, I'm sure the program will also need modification to read the local version of it from a customer-chosen location of their individual drives.

    I'll just wait and see what's decided regarding this....for either LTL of the OLD database, or local downloaded recognition of it.
    For now, I guess this matter is...sort of sleeping, but not closed as yet..:D
  19. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    Getting a copy of the local database isn't easy. When a new BD+ title is decrypted, it creates a single small file locally that only works with that specific title version. That file is only a few KB in size, you do the math if the OPD is a few hundred MB in size ;-) however James has said they'll be looking into offering a way to download the OPD. Note: looking into it can go both ways. Looking into it and finding out it's possible, but also finding out it's NOT possible. THAT we'll have to wait and see if it happens.
  20. OLDieButGOODie

    OLDieButGOODie Well-Known Member

    If they ever figure out a way to do it, plus be able to add that new smaller file-piece to it locally ...
    They may be able to create, and offer, another type of subscription method...to update ones own master database download, on a disk-by-disk title method, instead of yearly, or LTL type license.

    In other words...a customer can put the title names into a list, then, just the decryption files unique to the customers needs will be downloaded, and added to their own personal master database..!

    In the long-run...it could also be more profitable to receive $1 or so, for each title needed, rather than a flat yearly subscription amount....but less expensive for the customer, just paying for what they personally need.

    With maybe bulk purchases discounts for the power-users with many titles per month or year.
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