2 BD titles will not play - help

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    Been using a trial version of AnydvdHD but had an error with 2 x BluRay titles - Invasion and RunFatBoyRun.

    From within Powerdvd I get the message a critical component needs periodic updates - upgrade now? I say yes and it replies upgrade complete but neither of these movies play - I do have PDVD+AnydvdHD working with numerous other HDDVD/BluRay Titles.

    Thinking that AnyDVDHD may have resolved these issues I have since purchased version 6.4 and upgraded to beta but still no joy.

    I do not have the original discs for these titles (lent them to someone) but did do a straight forward file copy to harddrive (not ISO) - the rip feature in AnyDVDHD came up with errors when trying to copy the discs.

    I have also enabled the create logfile but this processes nothing?

    Any suggestions?

    PowerDVD fileversion Cannot remember the build number but think it was the last version that allowed playback from Harddrive.

    AnydvdHD beta