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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by hart2hart, Dec 25, 2020.

  1. hart2hart

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    I’ve captured a couple movies with 1920x800. When I use tsmuxergui to remux the mp4 into a BD iso, the resulting video is stretched to fill screen. Anyway Way to prevent this?

    Open to other tools if needed. I’ve got and use CloneBD and makemkv in different situations.
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    Yes: set up your middle layers (tsmuxergui, etc) and TV properly (read their manuals); I've set up my TV to not do anything to the input picture and it happily displays cropped video properly.
  3. Mollenoh

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    1920x800 is not supported by the Blu-ray specifications. If you really wish to make a compliant BD disc or BD ISO, you'll have to pad the video to 1920x1080 and re-encode it, also observing all the other parameters necessary for compliance. You can use x264 for that (also a part of ffmpeg). Here are some hints:

    You can of course ignore all that, hope for the best, and go on to master a Blu-ray anyway. But there's no guarantee for how it will behave. It may stretch to fill the screen, play badly, or not play at all, depending on your equipment.
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    BD Rebuilder can also re-encode cropped video's to 1920x1080.
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    Gee, it's very simple: if you're not getting decoding artefacts (green lines, torn pictures, etc) then the most likely culprit is your TV and it's not set to respect signalled aspect ratios and instead set to stretch picture to fill the screen, which is why I said read the manuals.

    As a side note, the thing that catches people out with playing stuff through their BD player (cf. UBD player) is that the ASICs in plain-old BD players are not as powerful as people think and if you are getting a decent bitrate/complexity, unless you encode with 4 slices per frame they will fall over. But I suspect you're not hitting that ceiling yet...
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    Thanks for insights by all.

    It appears that it does have to do with Blu-ray spec. I tried resulting iso on several software and hardware players with monitors and TVs.

    The video plays fine but is just stretched.

    Encoding as iso was so I could store and play alongside other movies without regard to type. At the time I couldn’t work out subtitles with mp4 on my player so I encoded it as iso and it subtitles were okay but now video stretched.

    I’ve since realized I could just put the srt subtitle file in same directory as the mp4 file and Dune player will pick it up. The only issue had was that one movie had a separate forced subtitle and normal subtitle file. That movie did not have 1920x800 so it’s fine.

    Still learning so again thanks and Happy Holidays!
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    Is there any reason why you're downloading at 1920x800? Seems like a weird resolution. For 16:9 1920x1080 and fir 4:3 1440x1080 is the best and what I do. Those formats are supported by everything and easy to encode to BD if that's your goal.
  8. Mollenoh

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    Because it's not an option you can control. In some cases, streaming services don't pad videos to letterbox format because it would be a waste of bandwidth to transmit black bars across the net. So if a movie has been filmed in the "scope" aspect ratio (2.4:1) you may get the 1920x800 resolution.
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    Aha! Thank you. I think you clued me in to a problem I was having. I am having problems with videos stuttering while playing off my blu-ray player from my Emby server. I was thinking it was the audio codec but I have two files, with almost identical parameters, where one plays fine and the other stutters. Now that you mention it, the one that stutters is 1920x800 and the one that plays fine is 1920x1080.
  10. TubeBar

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    I see, yes that is a problem. I probably have some like that but never checked. Something I always felt was a bit false advertising w/ BD's claiming to be 1080 ONLY if you count the black bars.