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    I view Most of my DVD's via a computer hooked to my HDTV. In the beginning I used to back up everything but I have slowed down considerably on this. Now unless it is something I know i will watch more than once, I don't even bother, especially since with my netflix account I can just throw it back in my queue.

    My question is this, is buying a 1080p upconverting DVD player worth it? And does any software currently available do this via the computer?

  2. DetroitBaseball

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    I heard that an upconvering player does have a noticeable difference. I am unsure about any software for a PC that can do this.


    Look at before and after. There definitely is a noticeable difference.

    I don't know what this has to do with AnyDVD though.
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    What program do i use to rip my DvD to my HardDrive? oh yeah AnyDVD. Excuse me for wanting to view it with the best possible picture after the rip. I tend to just keep movies on large hard drives as opposed to backing them up to piles of DVD-R's.

    Thanks for the helpful post, and I will I am pretty sure I am going to pick up a 1080 p player now, I would just prefer to play it on my computer instead. FFdshow seems like it is much more hassle than I am prepared to spend time on.

    In the future ease up on the sarcasm, as it gets no one anywhere. This isn't the first post I have seen btw of this nature by you. Maybe one day you will be able to add an big HDTV to your sig instead of the 19 inch LCD and you will see why Compression and Software Up conversion might be such a valuable asset to someone. Running a computer as a Media PC ROCKS, trust me.

    And please, don't try to come back with some witty argumentative response, your post did have a lot of value, I am just trying to point out you are just a bit combative.

    As far as I could tell, this was the correct forum to post my question.
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    I also have a PC connected to my TV (Samsung 46' LCD) and find that I get significantly better results using my Oppo DV-981D player which converts to 1080p. While playing movies from the PC is faster, and old movies look good, I'll take the quality of playing a disc over the convenience of the PC anyday, especially for newer movies that have come out over the past 2-3 years.

    I've tried a couple different upconverting players and wasn't impressed with the results. The Oppo is the first I've seen that actually makes a big difference. Of course you have to have a TV with native 1080p resolution. I hope this helps...

    I must admit, I also don't see what this has to do with AnyDVD. Playing and ripping are two distinctly different things. You'd probably get much more useful information outside the SlySoft forums altogether.

    So far as combative.... I simply suggest you re-read your own post.

    Good Luck in your quest..
  5. James

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    As a PC *is* a pretty good upconverting player (assuming you use good codecs and video card) I don't see much benefit in using an upconverting standalone player, if not for convenience.
  6. Rusty257

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    keep in mind that even though you upconvert you dont actually gain resolution. it is still only a 480p signal. at 46in you may start to see a benefit but for most you wouldnt even notice a difference. my opinion for both 1080p and upconverting is that its overrated unless you have at least a 50incher or higher.
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    Upconverting has nothing to do with AnyDVD. I was not being sarcastic. Obviously the moderator agrees with me since this thread was moved from AnyDVD to General Hardware Issues.
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    Upconverting DVD Player

    I switched to a Sony upconverting dvd player for use with my high def 1080p 46" lcd TV via a hdmi cable - and am very pleased with the results. The upconverting process does an excellent job when compared to a non-upconverting player using component cables on the same tv. I figure that changes in habits say it all:
    1. I never watch dvd's using my other non-upconverting player anymore.
    2. I will only purchase or rent widescreen/anamorphic dvd's from now on, because the upconverting process does such a superb job of playing these (I keep the tv set for a "dot by dot" display, using the upconverted video provided by the player as is except for the tv converting 1080i to 1080p).
    3. I would never purchase a dvd player or recorder that did not offer upconversion to 1080 of std dvd's via hdmi in the future. This includes any high def players I might consider in the future - assuming the industry settles on a common high def dvd format sometime during my lifetime . . . .
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  9. Rusty257

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    it has, its called total HD discs or on a super blu HD player!!
  10. Rich86

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    I have no idea what you just said . . . . the Sony vs. Toshiba high def format competition wages on, according to what I keep reading.
  11. Rusty257

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    total HD discs is a format that is coming out that has both HDDVD and BR on the same disc. The LG player can play both formats but its about a grand.
  12. DetroitBaseball

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    I heard about a disc that could have HD and normal DVD on one side, and Blu-Ray on the other side using multiple layers.
  13. Rich86

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    Sure seems like a bunch of silliness to me . . .
  14. DetroitBaseball

    DetroitBaseball Well-Known Member

    Not really. It would be nice.
  15. Zeratul

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    probably cost 2x or more of the price of a single format disc. just another way to milk the customers.


    YES, I would also like to knew what program to use to rip movies to my hard drive, I used the ANYDVD one and it took almost 2 hours to rip one movie. I have the new FIOS If that makes any difference.
  17. Rusty257

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    FiOS would be wonderful (jealous) but has nothing to do with ripping movies. AnyDVD or AnyDVDHD will do what you want. Normal DVDs for me take usually about 20 minutes and HD or Blu, not sure usually just left for a while to do other things, guess about an hour or so.