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Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by Blakclaw, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. Blakclaw

    Blakclaw New Member

    I use 1-Click DVD Pro along with ANY DVD for all of my back-ups and have had zero problems with all of my back-ups, 2 very good programs.

  2. stellacotton

    stellacotton Member

    +1 Blakclaw! 1Click and AnyDvd have done right by me about 1500 times and still going.:agree:
  3. munnman84

    munnman84 Active Member

    By far the best if you want to pay for both programs. If I had to by one (and I do because I'm cheap) I would by AnyDVD hands-down. If I were to by a second program (for compression, menu editing, etc) I would have to say Clone Dvd. See, Clone DVD can make editing changes and remove faulty and empty, corrupted files within the disc WITHOUT having to analyze the disc first.....one BIG program with 1Click and DVD Shrink is it MUST analyze the disc first before compression, THEN you can remove those faulty files. Clone allows for these corrections before compression and its generally easier and quicker for compression....This is just one persons opinion on both programs I have worked with. :clap:
  4. teshiachris

    teshiachris Member

    Will 1 Click DVD 5 now work with Saw III now that anydvd has an update? just curious.
  5. stellacotton

    stellacotton Member

    As far as I know 1Click copied movie only fine but had problems with menus&extras before the latest AnyDvd update.
  6. McstylisT

    McstylisT Member

    Well as a UK member all the protections are pretty much all cracked before they are released here to buy. So my little stable of 1click and 1click pro and anydvd is all i need. :D :bowdown:

    PS- I have clonedvd2 on my backup system.;)
  7. uhall

    uhall Member

    1clickpro seems to hog system resources.
  8. drmitch

    drmitch New Member

    1clickDVD doesn't work

    I haven't been able to make a successful copy with 1clickDVD (not the pro version) with any version of AnyDVD passed The newer versions have simply failed.:(
  9. euroman43

    euroman43 New Member

    I've been using 1Click Pro ( not just 1Click, but 1Click Pro ) with AnyDvd for more then a year , and so far I never had any problem to do back-up any DVD movies. I am very happy with the frequent updating with this two programs and they are great. So maybe the answer is to use 1 Click DVD Pro .:)
  10. adagio

    adagio New Member

    I use 1 Click Pro and Clone DVD ... and anyDVD..... most all DVDs copy well on one or the other. I have also used Shrink.... it does not compare well. I copy different kinds of DVD.... episodes.... large.... documentary... my own productions etc....
    Clone CD is also first rate...
    Thanks SlySoft....
  11. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Make sure that "Safe Mode" is disabled in AnyDVD settings.
  12. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    May I ask what movies you are having problems with, 1Click toDVD is coming out with a new version that will be completely compatible with AnyDVD very soon. Look for the update. This is only necessary with some new releases and do as James has said make sure Safe Mode is unchecked.
  13. csb

    csb New Member

    I have 1 Click DVD Copy 5 and I have NOT been able to copy SawIII with it. I was able to rip it to Hard Disk using AnyDVD making me believe that it is a problem with the 1 Click software
  14. dskiff

    dskiff New Member

    I too have been unable to use the latest version of 1 Click 5 Regular with ANYDVD for SAW III. Keep getting a error that indicates that some other software may be running - none is!! Clone DVD and ANYDVD work fine on SAW III.
  15. TPLAT

    TPLAT Well-Known Member

    I mostly use 1Click as I get the least amount of compression required for a back up, second most used would be Pro as it does give the user more advanced controll over whats in a back up and the ability to controll the amount of compression for title sets and last would be CloneDvd2, with CloneDvd2 the amount of compression required is always higher then 1Click or Pro. I have had a few movies that both 1Click and Pro wouldnt do but CloneDvd2 would and vice versa. To me when it comes to backing up movies it doesnt hurt to have a good selection of programs to use with AnyDvd. As for Saw 3 1Click is currently working on it.
  16. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Huh? How can that be? The amount of compression should be identical, as it is fixed due to the size of the source material in relation to the destination size.
  17. TPLAT

    TPLAT Well-Known Member

    Ok, for an example I just put in The Gaurdian and with movie only selected, nothing else with all 3 programs 1Click reported 16% compression, Pro reported 23% and the same 23% for CloneDvd2. In the past CloneDvd2 was always the highest but perhaps with the more recent versions I havent noticed that CloneDvd2 and Pro give about the same. Will be trying a few other movies I have here in a few minutes. As for why one would have a higher compression required for the same movie I really dont know why. I guess I was wrong in assuming it was like that with all movies, I just learned from trying some other movies that it will varry from movie to movie, on some CloneDvd2 was the lowest and on a few others it was the highest.
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  18. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Don't trust the "compression meter" of programs. (BTW, CloneDVD2 has a quality meter, not a compression meter). In the end, the files must fit on the destination disc, so the question is how exact do the programs reach the target size. Check the size, compare it to the original, do the math.
  19. TPLAT

    TPLAT Well-Known Member

    I guess I was getting that mixed up with compression required.
  20. AeroCNN

    AeroCNN New Member

    I'm always interested in a DVD copying program that gives me more flexibility and options. 1 Click DVD usually gets highest marks in comparison studies vs. other software packages and I've never had an incompatibility problem using Any DVD with it.

    That's not to say that other software packages don't offer advantages. I like DVD Shrink, for instance, because it has the "analyzer" function that allows you to fast forward through a disc you're about to copy (and one that you already have) to make sure it passes muster. I also love the "reauthoring" function that allows me to combine, say, two separate one-hour documentaries on the same disc or take a 90-min movie and add a favorite episode of the Twilight Zone to fill out a two-hour disc. Also, DVD shrink has editing function that allow me take something I've recorded off TV and edit-out the commercials to create a commercial-free copy (this takes a little effort--the instructions are good but you have to apply yourself).

    But I find that DVD shrink requires more compression than 1 Click DVD for the very same movie. And 1 Click DVD lets me drop extras before I make a first-generation copy. It's copy quality is superb (but so is DVD shrink).

    That's not to say that DVD Clone is not worth a try. I could see myself nicking a version online to see how it compares.

    Let's agree that there isn't any copyguard whose butt Any DVD can't kick!