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    1CLICK DVD Copy Pro - Version History (May 1, 2007) This version contains extensive changes and a new code base.

    Bug fixes:

    Popup menu is no longer available during burning (avoids changes to burn settings, refresh, etc.)

    Handles movies with special characters in the volume name (like ?/* etc.)

    The application now notifies users to temporarily disable AnyDVD during burning if they are formatting a RW disc on Vista (This warning does not apply to +R and -R DVDs). It appears that AnyDVD blocks the format command sent to the DVD writer. If you disable AnyDVD, then the format command gets to the writer correctly.

    An updated burn engine - more support for SATA and new high speed writers.

    Patin Couffin device driver installation has been improved - the progress bar no longer masks the driver certificate popup (first time driver is installed on Vista).

    A new DVD access layer which uses SPTI (Patin Couffin is no longer required but is installed as the default writing layer). By default, SPTI is used for reading, Patin Couffin for writing. If Patin Couffin is not installed or it's disabled, SPTI will be used for reading and writing. Win98 does not support SPTI, so Patin Couffin must be used for reading and writing on this OS.

    The new SPTI access layer now supports AnyDVD's "safe mode" setting.

    Support has been added for copying DVDs which are authored with a corrupt UDF file system (these DVDs can't be played on Microsoft Media Center or Windows Media Player - it's a sad day when they go this far to protect a movie).

    Support for language localization added (French language supported, others will follow).

    Logging of DMA mode for DVD devices has been added.


    Not being a Vista user myself I'm not sure as to the above, but thought it might be of interest to AnyDVD users ...