still hangs at 45%

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by SBS2020, Jan 13, 2022.

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    Hello, for me the hang when entering the series page (Prime) currently only occurs when the queue window is open (AnyStream Plus). Closing the queue window before entering the series page is at least a workaround.
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    Good information, thank you.
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    Alas, I have the 45% problem with the queue window open or closed. I have not had this problem on NF, D+, Hu, or HM. Only AP. No problem with movies, only series. No problem with new/vs old (both new "Star Trek Discovery" and old "Who Do You Think You Are?" do work.) "Doctor Who series 13", "Ghosts" and "QI" do NOT work. Logs attached.

    Random Observations:
    1. If your have a download list beavering away and then you get stuck at 45%, the list keeps downloading. When it finishes the next item and starts another, the "back" button gets un-greyed and you can escape from the stuck state.

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    Thank you!
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    AP, Red Oaks S1, hang @45%...FYI

    I was able to download numerous episodes from this series that I couldn't with ver 8.4, albeit in SD.

    Oh, I saw this error after changing to season 3...Amazon Error 7131 (see picture)

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    Thank you everyone for your cooperation.
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    I've got a hang on long season (>60 episodes), going to the season page goes to 45% then jumps back down to 10% and hangs...

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    I was attempting to download episodes of Boston Legal, Season One. It hangs on 45 percent. Its on IMDBTV and AP. Using latest version and I created a log file while it was "stuck on 45%" Hope this helps.

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    Thank you I am sure it will.