is a crap release

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by VonB., Jan 7, 2022.

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  1. GreatInca

    GreatInca Member

    Also most of my DRM error issues was with Hulu when queuing episodes from more than one show at a time.

    Netflix only gave issues when items were in the queue too long

    Never had a single problem with Amazon Prime even with
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  2. cartman0208

    cartman0208 Well-Known Member

    Just install the older version again (after uninstalling Anystream completely)
  3. donaf

    donaf Well-Known Member

    Then, @VonB., if you rolled back successfully, why your criticism? I've been using RedFox software/tools (even back to Slysoft days) for many years! These guys deserve better treatment than this. They deserve multiple rounds of applause for placating the numerous DRM challenges AnyStream has been faced with lately as well as for the other exceptional media tools they provide us.

    My experience has NEVER been a disappointment as I've seen this stellar team pull things "out of the mud" numerous times with fly colors. These guys in my estimation are "unsung heroes" giving us access to what many, if not most of us, have legitimate rights to in terms of media access. Having worked in IT (including software development) myself for many years I know that when things don't go the way the user wants things to go, their first thought is to whack "the hand that feeds them." When the support team pulls things out of the abyss, they rarely receive immediate praise, but are the first to get punched in the nose for a temporary glitch.

    Let's give them the time, space and respect they deserve and stop acting like whining, wailing brats! They definitely deserve better.

    Hats off to the Anystream team members for your dedicated, relentless efforts and all the times you pull things up from a tailspin for the user community! This user praises your efforts and knows and appreciates all you do in the face of challenges and inappreciative users.


  4. ghostcomments

    ghostcomments New Member

    Because some people just look for something to complain about
  5. zanetti

    zanetti Well-Known Member

    many a moons have passed since the good ole 'two more weeks', to be honest.
  6. devilsown

    devilsown Member

    540p can only be an emergency workaround, every screenrecorder does a better job quality wise atm... but i'm pretty sure the devs are aware of it.
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  7. mcewinter

    mcewinter Well-Known Member

    The 540 workaround is so they can say the product that you paid for has been delivered. Nobody wants to add 540 content to their collection. There's no doubt that the devs are talented people that don't deserve to be abused but it shouldn't be forgotten that somebody is making money on AS and that people are going to act accordingly.
  8. SomeRandoDude

    SomeRandoDude Well-Known Member was released with SD so that users could download all content. Its been said numerous times by the moderators. No need to invent snide reasons.
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  9. mcewinter

    mcewinter Well-Known Member

    Right. Because otherwise their product would be deemed broken. Which, in reality, still is.
  10. tuskacz

    tuskacz New Member

    Who needs AS to download SD content which was already made available by warez groups in the past ?
    If I want SD stuff I don't need AS. Which defies whole purpose of the program.
    Your argumentation is like someone purchased sport car and after a week you tell him he can drive 50km/h max because internal computer broke and can't go any faster.
    What's the point of purchase then?
  11. Pegasus

    Pegasus Well-Known Member

    Saying something multiple times still does not make it right....
    No offense, but 540 is only acceptable for content that is not available in any higher resolution.
    I rented/bought multiple movies/shows off AZ just to upgrade the crappy SD resolution to 1080 of old DVD's I own and that were not available as BluRay.

    As also mentioned multiple times before, not everyone watches movies on their cell - some people have 80inch TV's and projectors with 150 inch screens ;)

    I just sit back and wait for a fix while meanwhile using the monkey/sloth before downloading stuff in inferior quality.
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  12. That's almost 200 dollars here in the U.S. and yeah, you have every right to be mad and speak your mind. As of today, NO downloads on Amazon at all and SD only downloads on HULU and NetFlix with the new version. The older version doesn't work on any sites now (attempts to download using it fail and bring a "Your version is out of date" pop-up into view). I guess they're "working on it" but I wish I'd looked over these forums carefully before spending my money.
  13. Don922

    Don922 Well-Known Member

    Version has been released. Fixes some HD issues.

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  14. Pegasus

    Pegasus Well-Known Member

    Just saw it - Not fully fixed, but finally a step in the right direction. :thankyou:

    Makes this thread kinda obsolete o_O
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  15. Jefaisdesmv

    Jefaisdesmv Member

    This story smells like a damp squib.
    It is almost certain that devs will never be able to crack an L1 key. If they want to get one, since the rippers keep them to themselves because they fear not to have the exclusivity of ripping anymore; they'll never find one.
  16. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    and you base that assumption on what exactly?
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  17. whpony96

    whpony96 Member

    You don't really think the deadbolt keeps thieves out do you? There is no such thing as un-crackable. Microsoft learned a very hard lesson stating that a while back with their Windows OS. A teenage girl cracked it in less than a hour.
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  18. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    Deadbolts are only to keep the honest people out, a thief will gain access no matter what you do ;)
  19. SCChi

    SCChi Active Member

    Interesting post for someone like me who went from MS-Dos to Windows 11 using all 32- and 64-bits Windows versions using old architecture or New Technology (do you remember Windows-NT?), doing software development, manipulating 3D images whose sizes were around 26Gb. I never complained when using assembler/fortran/C or C++ with MS libraries I obtained blue-screens due to hidden/unshared information by MS. And I am pretty sure that 99% of the people in this forum never complained to MS. They lived and still living with MS flaws (OS or applications). And I am not talking about the investment that you are doing every year to maintain your computer up to date.
    In this forum, we have the possibility to improve an innovative product which is impacted right now by streaming companies which want to protect their content.
    if someone has the magic solution, please share with the developers to expedite the new version. Otherwise, try to be patient.
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  20. gdc333

    gdc333 Member

    What are you smoking? Just downloaded a movie and a series from NF while browsing this thread. Older version of
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