WMV Losing 16:9 Aspect Ratio

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by lazergeek, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. lazergeek

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    I just downloaded the new version. When trying to convert a movie to WMV that was copied with Clone DVD My output File is only 4:3 Format not the 16:9 it should be. Im using the 720x480 NTSC Resolution. All the settings look correct. If I convert a uncopied movie the aspect ratio is correct. Any Ideas?

  2. lazergeek

    lazergeek New Member

    Actuall I just checked some movies I did last week with the previous version of Clone DVD Mobile going to a DIVX file and i am having the same result there too
  3. Dex66

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    You need to select a 16:9 resolution for output, 720x480 is a 4:3 resolution, try 640x360
  4. Peer

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    720x480 is the "original" resolution that normally is sqeezed down to show 16:9 aspect if the content is anamorphic (this is done by a 16:9 TV set or by the DVD player if the TV is 4:3).
    When converting that resolution to some other file format, like MP4 it depends on the player whether or not it will do this resizing to 16:9 or not (rarely the case).

    So, yes, you have to select 640:360 or so to get the correct display.
  5. lazergeek

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    Duh, I dont know what I was thinking. Thanks for the help:doh: