- Amazon Prime - Audio/Vidio Error receiving fragment: timeout

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    errors when download films from Amazon Prime using AS

    00:12:33.756 - [Error] [Pump:video:prime] Error receiving fragment: timeout
    00:12:33.756 - [Warning] [Pump:video:prime] Retry #1 for fragment 92
    00:13:13.494 - [Error] [Pump:audio1:prime] Error receiving fragment: timeout
    00:13:13.495 - [Warning] [Pump:audio1:prime] Retry #1 for fragment 270

    Errors on every Amazon Prime download.

    Logs attached are for 'The Outpost' and 'London has Fallen'.

    Now idea on a resolution.

    I use ExpressVPN connecting to the UK - lightstream and openvpn.
    Tried with PIA OpenVPN and Wireguard also, same errors.


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    We're aware of the problem and we are working on it.
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