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    Utilising a licenced version of via Netflix, and downloading various Anime films and series, when selecting the English subtitles option, it downloads the video just time, but 8/10 times the subtitles are missing when using the Embedded option.

    The subtitles seem to embed themselves when you select three (3) or more subtitles, but not when you just select English (one or two).

    Films tested on: NinoKuni, A Whisker Away, and session three of Sword Art Online.

    I have attached the logs for NinoKuni, as well as MediaInfo

    Any suggestions?

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    I was only able to get subtitles by selecting the external .SRT options and turning them on with VLC Media Player.
    I was especially interested in getting subtitles on Samsung TV's.

    Play a Video in VLC
    Set Up subtitle settings, verify language
    Then Save
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    I am fairly sure a new version is coming soon, please be patient. I know subtitles were discussed at length, lets hope your issue is fixed in the next version, coming to you soon ( I hope).
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    I’m having the same problem with Amazon Prime. When I went back to, I was able to download the embedded subtitles.
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    I use plex and get subs from all
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    Yes, I am on a VPN - ExpressVPN, but it also occurs when I am not on a VPN.

    Also, out of interest, how are you viewing the log files? Notepad++ is all jumbled and the AnyStream app wont open them for me.
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    It's not just a renamed file extension. Parts of the data are encrypted and useless unless you have the proper logfile parsing tool only the developers have.

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