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virtual drive

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    bin/cue Load Bug

    Hello everyone, Among all similar virtual drive apps, VCD was the best for me, compact and hassle free, what a pity it's not getting updates :( Since Windows 10 integrated ISO support, you might think it's no longer used, but Windows does not support bin/cue audio files. The problem is that...
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    AnyDVD locks new virtual drives under Windows 10

    Windows 10 has been provided with the ability to mount an ISO file without the help of third-party software. Clicking on the file in File Manager takes me to a list of the image's contents in the same way as a zip file. I have a problem that AnyDVD seems to "grab" virtual drives mounted in this...
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    Moving a CD to an Virtual Drive

    I have a software program that's on a CD. I have it installed on my home desktop and my work laptop. Carrying the CD back and forth opens the door to the CD becoming damaged. The software requires that the CD to be in the drive in order to run. Other users of this software have successfully...