1. Silence


    Hi :) Weiß einer ob CloneDVD noch weiterentwickelt wird? Es kamen ja schon lange keine Updates mehr. Für mich ist es noch einer der besten Programme um saubere Sicherheitskopien von meinen DVDs zu erstellen. Vom Affen halte ich nämlich sehr wenig.
  2. S

    Update old files

    So I just updated my AnyDVDHD file and CloneDVD file but it asked for a license key after the update. I bought these programs well before the original site went down, shouldn't my old license keys still be good and be recognized? I bought the life time updates for each of these. Any suggestions...
  3. drnogerms

    CloneBD Update Alerts

    Periodically I receive a desktop alert that a new version of AnyDVD HD is available (I just got one a few minutes ago). But I am not receiving desktop alerts about new versions of CloneBD. In reviewing some of the CloneBD threads in this forum this morning, I discovered that CloneBD Version...
  4. K

    Connecting to site

    I have windows 8.1 and since the update last month I can no longer connect to the Redfox site so I can't get updates, any help would be appreciated