tv series backup

  1. S

    Another Potential Downloader Bug??

    Okay.. I use only AP but also subscribe to several AP channels (Discovery+, BritBox, Hallmark). I've created an AnyStream folder for all AS+ downloads but created individual subfolders for AP and the channel providers to help keep everything organized. They are as follows (Prime TV Series...
  2. lajoes

    Exception Error for just TV one episode on AP using AS

    Just FYI for AS, 32&64 bit versions: While trying to download Episode 18 of the original TV series Mission Impossible, I keep getting this error message: "AS encountered an exception and therefore created a file with analysis information" Episodes 1-17 and 19 and counting are...
  3. L

    Best Practices to Backup TV Series

    Good day folks, Having backed up my extensive Movie Collection (to DVD.ISO), I am ready to backup my (also large) collection of TV series. The issue I am running into deals with playback. When I make clone the dvd, some titles load up the menu just fine while others crash across playback...