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    Screamers Audio replacement (using tsMuxer)

    Hey guys! Screamers is a Sci Fi B-movie I got during a Blockbuster inventory sale years ago and fell in love with. The disc was a two-sided DVD with a "Full Screen" (4:3) version on one side and "Widescreen" (16:9) on the other. I lost that disc and could only find the Full Screen version as...
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    Dolby Atmos - tsmuxer

    Hallo, ich bin gerade am Testen bzgl. Dolby Atmos Titel. Wenn ich die Atmos Spur mit dem guten alten Clown_BD und tsmuxer 2.6.12 extrahiere (trotz Warnung klappt es ja) und ich diese dann in MKVToolNix ziehe, sehe ich zwei Tonspuren: - TrueHD Atmos - AC-3 / E-AC3 Wenn ich nun beide Tonspuren...
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    Issues with Fantastic Four - The Rise of The Silver Surfer

    Hi everybody, I have currently issues with the above blu-ray region B. Searching through old forum threads, it became clear to me that this release was one of the first one with BD+ protection. Got the latest release of ANYDVD, use it very happily to rip every blu-ray I buy. I store them on my...