1. DeepSpace

    Queue issue also applies to sound

    Yes, it is quite a long text, but I think I found a solution and I have to explain all details so nothing gets screwed up or someone says "yes, but what if AS cannot download 1080p for that episode, what should AS do then." I could never understand that since it can just go down to the next...
  2. W

    [Suggestion] More visually different message for automatically aborted downloads

    When a download is aborted automatically, the message shows this as a standard Informational message and even says "Download completed" in the window title. This may be fine when I requested the download to be aborted by clicking a button but the message also appears in this style when there was...
  3. DeepSpace

    Suggestion - Keep thumnails in Cache

    It seems that AS deletes the thumnails/ cover when closing the downloadables dialog (on Amz, not sure about NF) and downloading them again when reopening the dialog. I tried it a few times and after reopening the dialog the thumnails where gone with Loading Artwort... message in place of them...