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  1. N

    AnyStream Los subtitulos no se guardan dentro del archivo

    Muy buenas noches al seleccionar la opcion almacenar los subtitulos incrustados deberia guardarse dentro del archivo, pero cuando termina de descargar solo quedan los audios pero los subtitulos no los carga con ninguna plataforma hasta el momento. Agradezco puedan revisarlo en cuanto puedan...
  2. X

    SRT subtitles download as "WebVTT" subtitles?

    This has been happening for the past few major versions now on basically every streaming service. I thought it might have been brought to RedFox's attention by someone else, but I haven't seen anyone do that so I figured I might as well do it. When I download subtitles, I'll usually use...
  3. ArbitrarySorting

    Wrong audiotrack in third item in batch download

    Dl from Netflix part of a batch. Third item in the batch, The Blacklist_S07E03_Les Fleurs Du Mal (No. 151) gets the Japanese soundtrack rather than the original english one that items one and two have. Not that there's anything inherently wrong with Japanese only that I would appreciate it more...
  4. J

    Why can't I download Portuguese and Spanish subtitles on HBO Max?

    In the audio options it is possible to download both languages, in addition to English, but for the subtitles it only appears in English and not in Portuguese and Spanish!
  5. J

    The mysterious 'qbu' subtitle is back

    Please fix the subtitle name from 'qbu' to whatever language it's supposed to be.
  6. J

    Resolved Process MP4 and MKV Files with mov_text or ASS Subs for Usage With Plex

    Background: I heavily post-process all my downloaded content. First by re-encoding to HEVC at a high quality level into MKV containers, then by converting the ASS subtitles to SRT (for Plex compatibility). Note: While Plex nominally support ASS subtitles, it appears to seek to them by scanning...
  7. J

    Why is subtitle named qbu?

    When I first used this on a trial basis, the subtitle metadata came out as 'English'. After a few updates, it now reads 'qbu'. What does 'qbu' mean? Can we get back 'English'?
  8. satire

    Naming convention for external subtitles - forced subtiles

    Hello, A small bug or suggested improvement. When downloading subtitles to external files, when forced and normal subtitles are available and downloaded simultaneously for a same language, subtitle file is overwritten. You can see for with the exemple of Anne on Netflix. My suggestion is to...
  9. F

    preview player wrong audio/subtitle are displayed

    Hello, I have had the problem for a long time that the preview player often does not output the selected audio track or subtitle. For example, I select the German subtitle, jump in the movie to a place where subtitles are displayed, but English subtitles are displayed. To correct this, I often...
  10. C

    Keep Audio and Subtitle order

    It's possible to add an option to keep Audio and Subtitle order ? When I remove unwanted audio and keep original menu, the selected audio is wrong because the order is not the same. Ex: English Spanish French If I keep English and French the new order is : English French But in the menu...
  11. N

    Subtitles question

    Sorry for the newb question but this is my first time using CloneBD. I'm a veteran CloneDVD user from the Slysoft days and now I'm moving to CloneBD as it appears the product has matured. I have a couple questions for things I'm trying to understand the purpose and operation of: - When making...
  12. L

    Rome Series "All Roads Lead to Rome" text pop-ups

    The "Rome" blue-rays have a "pop up" feature "All Roads Lead to Rome" that includes historical research etc. I would like this feature to be present in the .mkvs I create from the disks. I have not figured out how to do this through Clone-BD. There are two sets of English subtitles, the first...