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  1. HarryBrautt

    Question Anystream .srt files incomplete

    Last night one DL and then several this morning from HBO Max had incomplete English .srt files. That is to say that the subtitles don't match the dialog in the movie. The start time of the first subtitle varies from around 15 mins and up to about 44 mins into the movies. The .mp4 files fine...
  2. lajoes

    Subtitles - which is better - SRT or embedded?

    I'm hoping that I'll get older, and if I succeed in doing so, I know I'll want to revisit titles to refresh my memory or to [re-]discover them, which ever comes first. :rockingchair: So, which is the better way to DL the subtitles - as a separate SRT file or embedded? I've learned that if I DL...
  3. X

    SRT subtitles download as "WebVTT" subtitles?

    This has been happening for the past few major versions now on basically every streaming service. I thought it might have been brought to RedFox's attention by someone else, but I haven't seen anyone do that so I figured I might as well do it. When I download subtitles, I'll usually use...
  4. SystemIdleProcess

    SRT timestamps aren't padding single digit seconds

    It was discovered that an issue I was having with a post processing software related to entries being removed from SRT files was due to the fact that the timestamps on some of the entries did not pad the seconds value so that it would be 2 digits as per the subrip standards...
  5. J

    Resolved Process MP4 and MKV Files with mov_text or ASS Subs for Usage With Plex

    Background: I heavily post-process all my downloaded content. First by re-encoding to HEVC at a high quality level into MKV containers, then by converting the ASS subtitles to SRT (for Plex compatibility). Note: While Plex nominally support ASS subtitles, it appears to seek to them by scanning...
  6. F beta NF SRT subtitles messed up.

    Version 1.1.02 subtitles looks like this Version looks like this (and doesn't display on playback)