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  1. R

    Download speed relation to Playback speed

    What is the relationship between the download speed setting and the multiple of realtime speed? Why not just throttle by percentage? Does realtime speed refer to playback speed? Could adjusting that setting have any negative impact, other than upon available bandwidth? Why is the default set...
  2. Y

    Question Fastest Download Speed Seen when using Unlimited?

    The highest I've seen so far when downloading 1080p content from AZ is 20MBps. I've been curious about the speed records others have set.
  3. B

    burn speed with clonebd

    I can't find any threads on this. I get 8000 kbs @ 4x or maximum burn speed and 11500 at 6x speed. Aren't these numbers closer to 2x and 3x? Or am I just mixed up on my b's and B's? What speeds are you all getting? Thankss, B