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    [Software suggestion] Key+KID extractor

    Hello, given that it is not allowed to request "platforms offering free content" such as "Website's for local TV channels where your can rewatch content that aired on TV recently" to be added to AnyStream, I would like to suggest the creation of a separate piece of software that would would...
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    A new Blu-Ray to rip, What software shall I purchase?

    Okay, I have two blu-ray discs on the way to my address, one from the US that supports regions A/B/C, and the other one is from the Amazon German store that supports Region B/2, Region A/1. What software shall I purchase from here in order to rip both discs? I also need an external...
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    Moving a CD to an Virtual Drive

    I have a software program that's on a CD. I have it installed on my home desktop and my work laptop. Carrying the CD back and forth opens the door to the CD becoming damaged. The software requires that the CD to be in the drive in order to run. Other users of this software have successfully...