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    LTL's; Poor Decisions...

    I am an occasional user of AnyDVD, so when I went to use it recently and it prompted for updates, I was shocked (and disappointed) to find that SlySoft was no more. So disappointed! I then had a search around and found to my pleasure that Red Fox had appeared and resurrected the product, so I...
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    Slysoft Lifetime License Will Not Work for RedFox AnyDVD HD After v7.6.9.5

    I just ran into the issue where my lifetime license will not work for newer versions of AnyDVD HD, specifically versions beyond I understand that Slysoft is not the same company as RedFox, and I do understand that this spin up company who has kept the same great product going has not...
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    CloneDVD mobile Fail to read DVD

    My AnyDVDmobile isn't working now. I started having problems after you dropped HD service. File 0 e:/VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.IFO 87 version AnyDVD says [unlock successful] What's the problem. I read the sticky. This should not be happening!!!