1. alexia

    Amazon: If you switch seasons before it finishes loading, episodes from both seasons are intermixed

    If I open an Amazon series to Season 1 with e.g. 52 episodes, and then switch to Season 2 before it finishes loading, the end result is episodes from both seasons mixed randomly in "Downloadable videos". Let me know if this needs a log, although it seems fairly straightforward and easily...
  2. U

    download complete season

    Hi, is it possible to select and download complete TV seasons? Or is that a feature request? Thanks in advance! Uli
  3. J

    Feature Request : Set download of multiple episodes of a season sequentially

    Hi, It would be nice to see the ability to use checkboxes for multiple episodes in a season and then leave it to download a season in one session using the download settings of the first video in the sequence. If those settings are not available, skip the episode and notify at the end so the...
  4. S

    Screenpass Protection on Mr Selfridge Season 4 disks 1-3

    Hi can you assist with the following Mr Selfridge Season 4 discs Thanks Al