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sd only

  1. JCH.H

    AZ: Goodfellas (1990) SD only?

    Hi, Can some kind soul check whether they can download Goodfellas in HD? The best I can see is 960x540. thanks!
  2. S

    HD Download Problem with IMDB over AP

    Having problems with downloading IMDB TV Series in HD over AP. Using Apparently AS+ allows you to download the highest res audio but not it's HD equivalent...:( Tried these TV Series: - The Military Tech Show - Lie to Me Attached ASlog file Also see snapshot attached
  3. S

    The Following Issues Persist with AnyStream

    - Downloading The Virginian TV Series on AP. AS+ downgraded S04E09 from 1080P to 768x576. AS+ downloaded the previous 98 episodes at 1080P. After AS+ downgraded S04E09 to SD, all episodes after S04E09 are only downloadable in SD. I am entering the Episodes individually so it's not that batch...