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  1. B

    Not a RedFox Issue Youtube via URL

    I didn't see it asked anywhere, and haven't seen a way to do it within AnyStream (if there is, let me know), but would it be possible to add a second field/box to the YouTube downloader for direct URL (in addition to the search box)? I know there are a variety of other tools out there to grab...
  2. J

    Resolved Anystream crash

    I have three crash dumps from Not sure it's my issue or anystream. I have opened a support case but wanted to post here also. Kind Regards, John
  3. ClicketyClack

    Resolved Disc is not seen, but works in a player: Lost Colony: The Legend of Roanoke (2007)

    UPDATE: This worked with a Samsung Portable BD Writer Model SE-506 I was going to simply delete this post, but maybe it would be helpful to someone else who is also stuck with their disc not being recognized. My normal LG player is a fullsize in a Vantec USB case, so I don't know why one would...
  4. S

    [Resolved] Switch between scratched discs

    Hi! I have two copies of the same disc, each with a scratch at different places. Is there any way to rip to a halfway point -> switch to other disc -> continue ripping? Thanks!
  5. R

    [ Resolved ] Para+ Taylor Hawkins Tribute not downloadable

    So, first thing's first, initially, it wasn't appearing on Prime, but it has since shown up there and is working fine... so I have a workaround. That said... using Paramount+ directly, does not. It's searchable, but clicking it brings up an empty episode-selection popup... season dropdown is...