1. Jambopaul

    Request Add release year in parentheses/brackets to file name template?

    Often when I download movies from Anystream and add the files to Plex, Plex mistakes it for another film with the same name but a different release year (even fixing the match in Plex sometimes gets undone by library scans and refreshes). It is slightly annoying to have manually edit the file...
  2. J

    Resolved Any Stream Plus license combining.

    Greetings, Could I please have my 2 Any Stream Plus licenses combined? 🙏 My first license was purchased around the time Any Stream was released and later upgraded to an Any Stream Plus license, and my second license was an Any Stream Plus license purchased more recently. Thank you for such a...
  3. A

    Request Expanse the-expanse-season-6-bonus-content?

    How can you download The Expanse season 6 x-ray bonus scenes? collider_com has an article about it... As this season is never getting a blu-ray which is disappointing. This is sort of a feature request I think? It would be awesome.
  4. Johnny Beyer

    Resolved Prime SD quality only purchased movie

    Here's a log file from It's Puss in Boots: the last wish
  5. T

    Request Indication as to whether you have downloaded a movie before

    I like to watch a lot of foreign movies, but I find it difficult to remember their names and if i've downloaded it before. Amazon often has the release year wrong or a strange name for the movie, so I always rename them. And for asian movies that only have characters for the names, obviously...
  6. T

    Request Request: Pick between CBR and VBR

    Not sure why this hasn't been implemented a long time ago. It wouldn't require any extra workarounds because you can download either with lvl 3 which Anystream uses... It's really frustrating that isn't available as CBR can sometimes result in you getting double the bitrate. Although VBR can...
  7. ProfessorHinkley

    Request Metadata Template Editing

    The system I use to access my media reads metadata from the file it's playing. Which works well with AS files since it already pulls title and description, but it doesn't always save the way I need it to. Instead of filling the title field with "<title>" it will be "<show name> (S1E1): <title>"...
  8. Phican

    Request Eggs

    Easter Eggs... I mean, this is just for fun, but would be amusing. First thought that comes to mind, hidden 8-bit keygen like music, perhaps with a credit screen that shows the alias names for the redfox dev team? Haven't posted in a while, product is pretty stable and have been enjoying...
  9. M

    Show HBO "hidden" language audio and text tracks

    I noticed that HBO Max has more languages that are "hidden". For example: REGION: USA TITLE: Chuck (TV Show) S1 E1 Pilot URL: MPD...
  10. N

    [Request] Open Series at latest season

    When you open a series with multiple seasons, it always defaults to the first season. In the majority of situations, I have already downloaded these seasons and just want the latest episode. Request, open at the latest season (instead of the first) for series that have multiple seasons.
  11. C

    [Request] The ability to add to queue the same movie/series without it being overwritten

    Given that multi audio support is still under consideration and that you might want to have different resolutions of the same video file; I request the ability to add to queue the same movie/series without it being overwritten. Right now, the workaround consists on manually renaming the...
  12. M

    Is there a section to request downloads?

    I've see multiple users ask for downloads to see if the issues they were having were also happening to others. Some seem to get it to work, some don't. I think this would be a pretty useful section to add somewhere on here. If not, I'd like to request the Kanye & Drake Concert on AP. I'm...
  13. B

    Request Amazon/Primevideo CBR video quality? [Is Essential]

    Can you add option to select video quality in Amazon/Prime betwen CBR and CVBR? Changing this variable "deviceBitrateAdaptationsOverride" to "CVBR,CBR" or "CBR"?
  14. DeepSpace

    [Solved by DrXenos] Disc nach Kopiervorgan automatisch auswerfen

    Hallo, könntet ihr eine Funktion (Checkbox wie bei Kopierschutz mitkopieren) hinzufügen, bei der eine Disc nach Kopiervorgang automatisch ausgeworfen wird? Natürlich nur, wenn kein Fehler aufgetreten ist. Für den Fall, dass ich meine Meinung ändere, möchte ich auch bei 95% den Haken noch...
  15. S

    DTS request

    I know it says only experimental and limited to 768kbs....could this be upped to DTS 5.1 1509kbs...I'm converting a movie to .mkv h264 from bluray original...Thanks..